Review and Buying Guide for the Best Shape Up Clippers 2023

Best Shape Up Clippers

Do you obsess over your hair cuts and hairstyles?  Everybody has been sitting at home and doing their chores because of COVID. . One of these works was cutting and shaping up hair. a lot of men resorted to becoming barbers themselves. However, reaching that amount of perfectionism is not possible for them. This is why a lot of people bought the best shape  up clippers available in the market. These will ease up your tasks and will make sure that you do not burn your skin. These are perfect for you if you are a beginner and want to get into the hairstyling game. Always keep your shape up clippers safe by putting them in a case

Buying Guide for The Best Clipper for Shape Up

There are different types of shape up clippers available in the market. They come in an array of different styles and types. You can make different types of hairstyles with the use of hair clippers. However, not all of them are worth buying. The best hair clippers for barbers are famous, but can you use them at home? We bring to you a detailed buyer’s guide that will help you choose the best hair clippers for shape-ups. 

Corded or cordless

Hair clippers usually come in two types; corded and cordless. The corded one will have an attached wire and it will only start working when plugged into an outlet. Usually, these types of clippers are more powerful and efficient. the batteries do not drain down easily. constant charging will not be required. However, if there are no outlets available, they will not work.

 On the other hand, we have cordless hair clippers. It will promise more flexible use because of the lack of wire. you will not be needing an electrical socket for use. This means you can use it anywhere anytime. it will be preferred to choose a cordless option if you want to use the trimmer outside. However, you will have to always be mindful of its charging. There is a chance of the battery running out when you are using the clippers. You will also have to change the battery itself after some time. 


Motors are a significant part of the best clipper for lineups because they hold all of the running power. This is the engine, also known as the heart, of the clipper. This will regulate the clipper cutting speed and the noise level when in use. No one intends to use a loud, unstable clipper to define their hairline. You will want to buy a unit that does not break down after using it for a few weeks. There are three different types of motors; the pivot motor, the rotary motor, and the magnetic motor.  

The most powerful motor out of the three is the rotary motor. It can easily power through the cutting of wet and dry hair in all styles. The pivot motor has a lower blade speed, but it runs faster than a magnetic motor. It can also cut up thick wet hair easily. It works slowly which is a good thing because then it will not heat up easily. A magnetic motor is also a terrific option. It will last longer than the other two and it is very simple to operate. The cutting speed of a magnetic motor in the best shape-up machine will be fast and it will enable high volume cutting. 

Best Shape Up Clippers

Accessories Accompanied With the Best Clippers for Hairline

All of the clippers come with a wide range of accessories. These accessories come in handy when you want to use the clipper for different purposes like beard shaping. Different accessories include a comb, scissors, crush, different types of blades, and smaller blade attachments. 

Blade types

Blades are an important part of the barber shape-up clippers. According to the device, clipper blades are available in various lengths. When buying a clipper, make sure the blades are not just strong but also the perfect length. A lot of these clippers come in eight blade guards. These eight blade guards reflect the amount of hair that will not be cut off from the head. the sizing of each comb guard will simultaneously increase. extra ease is provided because of their labeling. 

Blade material

When it comes to getting a proper haircut through this lineup haircut machine, the caliber and efficiency of the blades are crucial. Wahl blades are finely honed and constructed of high carbon steel, guaranteeing that they stay crisper for longer. Choose shape-up clippers with titanium blades or stainless steel for the finest outcomes. They are quite robust in addition to having excellent cutting.

Also, keep an eye out for blades that self-sharpen. These titanium blades have a lengthy life expectancy. It might be a shame to spend money on a form trimmer only to have it get uninteresting quickly and require replacement.

You should opt for the best shape-up clippers for black hair that can self sharpen. A sharp blade will give your hair a clean cut. On the contrary, a dull blade will pull onto your hair and will miss out on some parts of hair on the head. You can also opt for a T-blade trimmer in the best shape-up trimmer. They are very sleek in design and work best for behind-the-ear clipping. It is usually very difficult to use normal clippers behind the ear. These are the best zero-gap trimmers which means they will give you a clean-looking cut. 


It is important to maintain even the best shape-up clippers. Proper maintenance leads to their lifespan doubling, making it cost-efficient. These clippers are usually accompanied by a particular oil.  You should use this oil to lubricate the blades. Additionally, always brush the clippers to remove any dust particles from them. Also, remember to remove the small hair particles if you have used them on your hair. This will help you avoid rusting of the blades over time. 

6 best shape up clippers for use

ImageNameCheck Price
Ufree Hair Clippers For MenCheck Price
Professional Men's Hair Clippers Zero GappedCheck Price
Hair Clippers For Men, Cordless RechargeableCheck Price
Andis 04710 professional T-outlinerCheck Price
Wahl Edge Pro Bump Free Corded Beard TrimmerCheck Price
Hatteker Hair Clipper For Men IPX7Check Price

1. Ufree Hair Clippers For Men

Ufree Hair Clippers For Men


If you are looking for clippers for edge up, our first pick would be Ufree. It has hair clipper blades and a detail trimmer too. The blades of the larger clipper are very efficient and sleek. The adjustable hair clippers will enable you to cut your hair in different lengths. It is suitable for all types of hair. The blades of the T-blade trimmer are zero gaps. 

It is one of the best lineup clippers for black hair, especially because of its LED display that will inform you about battery running out. The clipper is cordless and runs on a battery. The blades are double cut and two times faster than a normal clipper. The cuts made are very clean and the hair is not pulled between uses. What’s great about these best zero-gap clippers is that they can be used on pets and kids as well.  It has a stainless steel encasing. 

These are the best clippers for edging because the battery will not run out. The  built-in 2500 lithium-ion battery that can easily work until 180 minutes before needing charging. However, a downfall is that it requires 3 hours for charging. Another plus point of this shape-up for men is that the motor is high-performing and it works well on thick and wet hair. The noise is also negligible when operating this clipper. The blades themselves are made up of durable high-quality carbon steel and the robust edge is R shaped so it does not hurt the skin. 

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Powerful motor
  • Makes very less noise
  • Has a 3-hour charging timer


2. Professional Men’s Hair Clippers Zero Gapped

Professional Men's Hair Clippers Zero Gapped


The second- best trimmer for shape up is by AMULISS.  It is very convenient to use because of its design. It is cordless and compact which is why it can be carried around easily. being the best shape-up haircut clipper, it is made up of metal. The protective case is removable. This increases the longevity and durability of the trimmer itself.  The USB cable is used for charging that takes 2 hours. . It gives a running time of 180 minutes because it comes with a 180 lithium-ion battery.

 It has sharp teeth made up of durable carbon steel. The sharpness of this best trimmer for hairlines will ensure that the cuts made are clean and precise. The LCD will help you keep the battery in check. Whenever the clipper is running out of battery, the display will inform you and you can charge it up. The zero-gap feature in the carbon steel blades ensures that the trimming is precise. Moreover, it has 1 electric hair clipper and 3 guided combs of 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm. The guided combs will help you in deciphering the length of the hair that will not be cut off. 

This hair clipper is simple to use and maintain. Quick and hygienic cleaning can be done if you run it under sanitary water. The cleansing of the blade can be done by dipping them in water. You can also use the lubricant to protect the blade after it has been used.

  • Has a very unique design
  • Very easy to use
  • the maintenance and cleanliness of this clipper are very efficient
  • Has a protective cap included
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  • The available guided combs are only three


3. Hair Clippers For Men, Cordless Rechargeable

Hair Clippers For Men, Cordless Rechargeable


Our third pick for one of the best line-up haircut clippers is candyfouse. The T blade has a very ergonomic design that looks stylish. One of the main reasons why this best lineup trimmer is worth buying is because of its blade. The t blade is made up of carbon steel. This means it is very strong and durable.  The knife teeth are 0.3 to 0.5 in length, perfect for use. They also have an R-shaped angle so that you do not hurt your skin. 

The process is very smooth which is why it will not hurt your skin in any way. Even though it is cordless, it comes with a cord so that it can be used as a corded trimmer too. This way the use becomes more convenient because when you run out of battery you can use it with an electrical socket. The metal body of this best shape-up trimmer is sleek and easy to handle. This means it is durable and sturdy to use. It will not easily break or fall apart. 

If you are using it as a cordless trimmer, it will have a total running time of 120 minutes. The average charging time will be 2 hours. It comes with a 14500 mAh battery and gives reminders whenever the battery starts to run out. It is also accompanied by 4 guard combs in different sizes. Lastly, the extra accessories included are a cleaning brush and cleaning oil. You can add this oil as a lubricant after running the blade underwater. 

  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a cleaning oil
  • Has a durable metal body
  • Has bad packaging


4. Andis 04710 professional T-outliner

Andis 04710 professional T-outliner


Here we have one of the best andis clippers for our fourth pick. It has been rated by 29,643 customers which is why it is very reliable to use. It has a T-blade trimmer that cut very sharp edges and gives a clean cut. All of the barbers around the world, or the people who want to cut their hair at home use this. It will give you a clean finish. Another reason why this is the best andis clippers for black hair is that it has a magnetic motor. This means it will not heat up and blow up while you are using it. Moreover, it has more longevity than other available motors. 

 Being one of the best edge-up trimmers, it has a high clipping speed and the noise of the machine itself is very less. You can use it for dry shaving as well. This will reduce redness and bumpiness on your skin. The carbon steel blades are durable and zero gapped. This will promise a clean trimming process. However, it comes with a cord option only. You cannot use it with batteries. 

  • Highly reliable
  • The steel blades are durable
  • Made up of strong alloy steel
  • It is very expensive as compared to other clippers.
  • Can be used with a cord only


5. Wahl Edge Pro Bump Free Corded Beard Trimmer

Wahl Edge Pro Bump Free Corded Beard Trimmer


Our fifth choice for the best professional hair edgers is by Wahl. It is worth your money because of its edging abilities.  The trimmer itself is convenient and easy to hold, while still having the powers of a full-size clipper. The blades are zero-overlap, which means the edges will be sharp and crisp to see. Excellent line definition is promised by the 0.2-millimeter blades. The t-blades ensure that no razor bumps appear on the skin. It has been equipped with a rotary motor, which is the fastest of them all. It can power through all types of cutting on all sorts of hair, be it dry or wet. 

Buying this best trimmer for the neckline will be a really good decision because it comes with 12 guard combs. There is a lot of variety in the sizes as they range from ⅛ inch to 1inch. The blades are made up of high carbon precision material, among them durable and long-lasting. This is a corded device. The accessories that come with it include a cleaning brush and oil for ease of cleaning.

  • Has 12 guarded combs for hair clipping
  • Durable blades
  • Comes with cleaning and lubricating oil
  • It is corded


6. Hatteker Hair Clipper For Men IPX7

Hatteker Hair Clipper For Men IPX7


In the sixth position, we have the best shape up clippers by Hatter. Firstly, it has 25 pieces that can be used for hair clipping and trimming. 25 pieces are more than any other number of pieces by other brands. In addition to this, It boasts a robust and long-lasting engine that delivers exceptional efficiency for a long time. The taper levels are adjustable so different lengths of hair can be cut. They have been color-coded to make things easier. Moreover, the device itself is washable and waterproof. That is to say, if water was to enter this device while cutting wet hair, it would not mess up the cutting. 

 Furthermore, it has been equipped with an LCD that will remind you if you are running out of battery. It comes with a cleaning brush. As the blades are detachable, they can be easily cleaned with the brush and then lubricated.  The battery is built-in and can be changed over time. The blades are made up of high steel carbon. This means they remain super sharp while cutting and do not harm your skin. It is cordless and can be used anywhere. Most importantly, it comes with a protective cap, a big hair comb, a small hair comb, a storage bag for the safekeeping of things, and a cleaning brush.

  • Long-lasting
  • Has 25 pieces to play with
  • Has an LCD to guide you on the battery
  • Sometimes, it gets hot after 10 minutes of use.



In conclusion, our first pick is UFREE. The features will give you a clean and sharp hair clipping process. Investing in it will be a good decision. Moreover, the LCD and the power motor make it even more worth your money. Hopefully, this article helped you out in deciding what will be the best shape clippers device for you. If you are still confused, you should refer to our buyer’s guide above.

Frequently asked questions

 1. How often must I replace the blades on my Shape-Up Clipper?

During typical conditions, you should replace your clipper blades every 6 months. If you’re a specialist or your best clipper for shape up gets a lot of activity, honing the blades and replacing them every three months should maintain them in good working order.

2. What is the difference between a trimmer and a clipper?

A clipper is designed to cut big amounts of hair in vast areas without chopping too near the surface. a trimmer, on the contrary, a trimmer is intended for edging, defining, dry cutting, and light sculpting on smaller regions like the nape of the head, all-around ears, as well as around sideburns, among other things.

3. Why is my shape-up clipper yanking my hair?

When clippers haven’t been groomed for some time, clipper blades have such a tendency to yank hair. They oxidize up to a particular degree and get hoarser. Even if they do not get rusty, you should try spraying little upkeep oil to solve this issue.

4. Why does my shape-up clipper keep getting hot?

This problem usually occurs when your motor is too strong for your shape-up clipper. Even though a strong motor is a good thing, too strong will mean overheating the clipper. You should opt for a new clipper, or you can use the same one with pauses in between.