A Guide on How to Sharpen Clipper Blades in 2023

How to Sharpen Clipper Blades

Sharpening clipper blades can be very tricky. Many users confront the problem as they don’t know how to sharpen clipper blades. Whether your hair clippers are equipped with the auto-sharpening feature or not, they become dull and wear out with time. Taking regular care of clipper blades is necessary to avoid uneven cuts. In addition, the market is flooded with a diverse range of clippers. Depending on the type of hair clippers, you need tools and approaches to use.

Miscellaneous Articles You Require to Sharpen Clippers

  •       A marker
  •       Paper towel or a rag
  •       Any cleaning solution or warm water
  •       A sharpening stone
  •       A screwdriver
  •       Clipper oil

Steps on How to Sharpen Clipper Blades

Take into account the following steps to ensure proper cleaning and sharpening of clipper blades.

Unscrew the Blades

Numerous hair clippers come with two screws at the blade base. Gently remove and detach them from the clipper. You can use tweezers to pull the blade off. Take into account the proper positioning of pieces to reassemble them easily.

Clean Debris and Such Addition

Stuck hair and debris in blades deteriorate clippers’ performance. Take steel wool, wire brush, or toothbrush to remove them. This cleaning method is very convenient.

Blade Wash

To break down rust and gunk, you can use any cleaning product if brushing isn’t working. Later on, scrub blades with a cotton ball after soaking them in a bowl for a little time. According to some users’ feedback, isopropyl is sufficient to get the job done. However, you need a 90% alcohol solution for rust removal.

Use Towel to Dry Blades

A towel is an effective article to dry blades and remove debris and dust. If there are still rust spots, apply a recommended solution.

  •       If all efforts go in vain and rust is still visible on blades, replace these blades.

Reassemble Clippers to Test Blades

If you have a self-sharpening clipper model, reassemble it. Sometimes, clippers only require cleaning and they become functional. Test results of clippers’ blades by operating them on hair. Go on to sharpen blades if these are snagging hairs.

How to Sharpen Clipper Blades

Sharpen the Blades

Now, you have to sharpen the bottom and top blades. Take a stone and keep a blade over it. Sharpening stones or whetstones are easily available at hardware stores. Put gentle pressure while running blades forth and back on a stone. 10 passes along a stone are enough to sharpen these blades. Angling the blades at 30-45º is necessary for the desired results. You have to repeat both edges of the blades. So that shape of your hair cut will be right.

Read instructions inscribed on the manual of clippers. Diamond sharpening stones are used for this objective. Ceramic stones are used to sharpen ceramic so don’t confuse about it.

Carefully Reassemble Clippers

Clippers should be reassembled carefully and even. Screw blades in the original direction. Blades also be adjusted in the proper place for optimal performance.

The Bottom Line

We have to take into account the different steps to know how to sharpen clipper blades. We expect that you can do the job without any other assistance.

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