Reviewing and Buying Guide For The Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye 2023

Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye

If you are someone who loves to experiment with their hair, this post is for you. People dye their hair in all sorts of ways nowadays. Dyeing hair has become a coping mechanism, especially for girls, to deal with the hardships of life. Anytime a minor inconvenience strikes someone, they want to dye their hair. All in all, coloring your hair can be extremely therapeutic. It also contributes to having a change in life. People who have a very robot-like life, color their hair to get change. Blue is a very popular choice amongst girls. The pop of blue not only adds vibrancy to your hair but also adds color to your identity.  This is why we bring to you the best permanent blue hair dye that you should invest in. you can also get the best purple shades available for dyeing

Buying guide for the best permanent blue hair dye

There is a wide range of dyes available in the market. It becomes very confusing to choose the best-suited dye for you. This is why we bring to you a detailed buyers’ guide. 

What Suits You

One of the greatest significant factors in picking the appropriate hair hue is the shade of your skin color. The right color of the best permanent blue hair dye will complement your complexion and help it seem much more gorgeous, while the incorrect shade can create the impression of being dull and lifeless. Moreover, your colorist may choose an opposing shade to dramatically accentuate and amplify your eye hue. For example, If your pupils are blue, butterscotch or light blue tone will help them look even bluer. If they’re greenish, a fiery or gentle blue tone can be the right choice.

Furthermore, your sense of style should be examined when the hair hue has been limited to fit your skin and eyeball coloring, and this is when you are most informed. Do you prefer to stand out or fit in? Ensure you and your colorist pick colors that allow you to feel secure and like yourself. Styling them with an automatic curling iron will also add style to you. 


Traditional hair dye contains dangerous compounds that are applied to the skin every moment hair is colored, whether by yourself or in a facility. The constituents of hair dye must be mentioned on the packaging when purchased by a retailer. Most hair colors use an ammonia solution to obtain a persistent color. The ammonia separates levels of strand proteins, allowing the dye to reach the hair shaft. Following that, hydrogen peroxide bleaches the locks and aids in the trapping of p-phenylenediamine, one of the key coloring agents, in the hair. These popular dye compounds have been linked to health problems.

Check the components of products branded “ecological” or “natural” twice on the best dark blue hair dye.  Resorcinol and other substances linked to poor health consequences are still present in some products. To the hairdresser, bring your color. Ask your hairdresser if she will apply your color if you desire the accuracy of a professional dyed ‘do but wish to increase your color of the good blue hair dye for dark hair. If you’re not prepared to switch to a high-quality chemical-free product, make sure to use protective gloves and work in a well-ventilated area when using traditional colors.

Things to Take Care of Before Applying the Dye

There are a lot of things to take care of before you apply the blue color for dark hair. You want to make sure that you have the dyes available. You don’t wish to run short of color in the middle of the project. Considering the hair thickness, two packages may be required to cover your entire hair if your hair is the middle length or even more than that. the leftover dye can be saved for the next time, that is not an issue.  

Blending many distinct hues of hair color is not suggested unless you’re an expert. Neither of the big manufacturers would promise that the color pairing will be predictable. The strand test is important, particularly when attempting a fresh color, and it’s enticing to skip it. Before you invest fully, color a handful of trimmed or concealed hairs and examine the results.

If your previous gloves are too filthy to wear anymore, have a second pair available to safeguard your skin from stains when you wash the color off. Specialists advise dying your hair while it is completely dry. When hair is wet, the color may not adhere to the strands of hair or become diluted, resulting in an unfavorable outcome.

Nothing is more embarrassing than having color streaks across your forehead. Instead of applying a runny ointment to shield your skin from dye, use a crystal firm lip balm to glide down your forehead, especially around your ears, before the actual application of color. 

Top 6 Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye

ImageNameCheck Price
Loreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted
Check Price
Check Price
GARNIER nutrisse Ultra Nourishing Hai Color
Check Price
Clairol Nice n Easy Permanent Hair DyeCheck Price
Permanent Hair Color by REVLONCheck Price
AGEbeautiful Permanent Liqui-Creme
Check Price

1. Loreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted

Loreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted


Loreal Paris is our top rated hair dye if you want a blue permanent hair dye. There is a wide variety of bold blue colors available in this professional blue hair dye. Thes colors include downtown denim (411), tropical teal (517) along with shades 617 and p1.

Moreover, if you are looking for a permanent hair color that has multiple dimensions to it, you should invest here. This sparkling denim blue hue features 3 times more accents for more vivid colors with spectacular effects. It includes a multidimensional color range that was specially crafted by skilled color grading artists. The bold shades speak to you as they appear shimmery and vibrant at the same time. In addition to this, these dyes are also available in a range of other shades like silver and black. The color of your original hair will impact the final results as a darker base will result in a darker blue tone. To avoid this, you can use Loreal bleach beforehand. 

Furthermore, you need to apply this for at least 30 minutes. In case of long hair, use two packets of this best blue permanent hair dye. Even when this color starts to fade out naturally, it will not turn into the ugly bleachy color that is aesthetically hard to look at. It is accompanied by a conditioning color cream, a power summer conditioner, and a conditioning developer creme. 

  • Created by professionals
  • Very easy to clean the post hair dyeing mess
  • It will not turn into an ugly color.
  • Dyes hair with different hair tones differently.


2. Got2b Metaalic Permanent Hair Color

Got2b Metaalic Permanent Hair Color


Our second pick for the best blue hair dye for dark hair is by GOT2B. If you are looking for a very bold and vibrant look, this hair dye should be your go-to. It comes in the color M67Blue mercury and is available in a cream form. You will be receiving a metallic look that covers all of the dimensions of your hair. People will be able to recognize your hair from very far away too. They will be glistening after using this long-lasting blue hair dye.

Moreover, it also has an anti-fading effect. This will ensure that the color lasts for a long time. It also has a metallic shine booster incorporated into the formula to give you shimmer in between layers. In addition to this, it will not work well on colored hair, it is capable of showing magic only on either bleached or virgin hair. It is accompanied by a color cream tube, an application bottle, a developer lotion, gloves, a manual, and 1 tube for after treatment. 

Firstly, you have to adequately prepare the hairline before color application. Secondly, you need to mix the color cream tube in the developer lotion bottle and shake well. in addition to this,  If you are using this the first time, you need to apply the mixture made from roots to the bottom and massage it thoroughly until completely mixed. You should leave it for 30 minutes to have proper effects. Lastly, follow the instructions on the manual for proper color. 

  • Has a metallic shine to it
  • Comes with a detailed manual
  • Comes with a proper kit
  • Abundant in nature
  • Not applicable on virgin or non-bleached hair

3. GARNIER nutrisse Ultra Nourishing Hai Color

GARNIER nutrisse Ultra Nourishing Hai Color


Garnier is our third best permanent blue hair color that you should get your hands on. This intense pure indigo (blue curacao) will dye your hair for a long time. Its list of ingredients contains multiple oils. This will seal in hydration for hair locks which will make them soft, velvety, and nurtured. The thick after-color moisturizer is enriched with avocado, olives, and shea fats, ensuring that your mane is never damaged by this best bright blue hair dye. It gives a very vibrant color to the hair. The blue will flourish and become apparent. 

Moreover, fruit oil ampoule is also included in this. Nutrisse seems to be the sole sustaining cream that comes with grapeseed extracts and essential fruit oil ampoule that you can split and add into your mixture. The youthful color can permanently last for 8 weeks. It will not fade away. Another great feature is that this best blue hair dye brand works for all hair types and textures. 

Furthermore, It’s made of a non-drip composition. The non-drip mixture can be applied to the hair very smoothly. You will not have to apply it again and again to fill bare spots. In addition to this, it has a very pleasant scent, unlike all the other blue hair permanent dyes. It is equipped with color boost Technology. This boosts the color’s vibrancy and the hair’s ability to bounce light more brightly. It will be a true metamorphosis on even the darkest of foundation hair colors.

  • Has avocado, shea, and olive oil included
  • Works on dark hair bases as well
  • Has a vivid color
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  • You might not like the faded color after 10-11 weeks.


4. Clairol Nice n Easy Permanent Hair Dye

Clairol Nice n Easy Permanent Hair Dye


If you are looking for the best blue hair dye for black hair, or literally for any other hair color, Clairol should be your go-to. This is an authentic blue dye that will perform its job well. It is available in the shade 1BB which is the deepest blue-black shade available. Moreover, this best blue hair dye permanent has a color blend technique that produces three salon hues and enhancements in one simple can cover all your gray streaks as well

. The gray streaks will not java the same shade as the darker hair color but they will act as highlights. It has a non-drip technology that will ensure that the dye does not tingle on your skin. In addition to this, it has conditioners integrated into all of the creams used for the dyeing process so that your hair is smooth and plump after use. Furthermore, this best hair dye blue has been formulated in a way that reduces the chances of allergies and it has been made of the ME+ hair dye molecules. Harm-stopping technology is included in the particular recipe, which is gentle on your hair without sacrificing color effects.

ME+ is a longest-lasting blue hair dye monomer that safeguards people who do not have hair color sensitivity by lowering their risk of acquiring it. Lastly, the color activator is magical as it imports all the color onto the hair. It comes with gloves for ease of application. 

  • Lowers the risk of allergies
  • Has specifically made ME+ molecules embedded
  • Has a non-drip technology
  • Might not work for people who do not want highlights on gray hair

5. Permanent Hair Color by REVLON

Permanent Hair Color by REVLON


Our sixth pick for the best blue hair dye is by REVLON. If you are looking for the best hair color product reviews, REVLON is bound to be on the list. This best blue hair dye for brown hair, hair color kit was created in collaboration with hairdresser professionals to provide long-lasting colored coverage. This is completely ammonia-free so your hair does not get damaged in the process.

 Moreover, it has keratin embedded into it so you get silky smooth hair even after applying this top blue hair dye. All your gray hair is bound to get colored as well. It has been again and again tested for being drip-free. It will not tingle your skin by dripping down your neck. In addition to this, the color of this permanent blue hair dye will not fade away. It will last a long time. It also has a conditioner with it that will ensure that your hair stays plump and hydrated throughout the process. 

Furthermore, a recently colored hair color cannot be lifted or lightened with hair color treatments. Adding more color to the hair would only turn it darker. One set of gloves, an information sheet, colorant, fixer, and conditioner are included in the package. An applying nozzle is included with the development container. The bottle is made so that you can combine the colorant within for simple distribution. Lastly, there is no requirement for a bowl. 

  • Requires no bowl
  • Ammonia free
  • Makes hair silkier after use
  • The best cheap blue hair dye
  • Might get an allergic reaction if your skin is very sensitive

6. AGEbeautiful Permanent Liqui-Creme

AGEbeautiful Permanent Liqui-Creme


AGEbeautiful can give you the best blue dye for dark hair that is worth investing in. This is the first Anti-Aging Hair Dye on the market. Our hair diminishes in volume, management, color, hydration, and luster as we get older. This best permanent blue hair dye for dark hair has been shown to combat all 5 indications of hair aging. It is a Biotin-fortifying formulation. In addition to this, The Expert hair color formula nourishes the hair and strengthens the strands. This type of blue hair dye is used to make hair look longer, fuller, and better.

Moreover,  It is available in three blue shades; blue-black, darkest blue, and dark blue. You can choose the color according to your hair preferences. In addition to this, it can cover all the gray hair as well. It will give all hair kinds and age ranges rich, natural-looking color. Hair on men ages as well. It is very acceptable to use on guys. Furthermore,  Select a color that is 1-2 shades paler than the intended hue. If your hair has already been colored, just administer it to the base area. lastly,  For precise synchronization, please comply with the guidelines.

  • Works on both genders
  • Color lasts for more than 8 weeks
  • Works amazingly for mature hair
  • Choosing color can be a difficult choice


In conclusion, we have given you options for the best hair dye for blue hair that you can choose from. Our personal favorite is Loreal Paris. Therefore, if you’re seeking a multidimensional everlasting hair color, this is the place to go. This brilliant denim blue color has three times the amount of embellishments for more vibrant hues and stunning effects. It offers a diverse color range that was particularly designed by expert color grading artists. Even if this color fades gradually, it will not transform into an unsightly bleachy color that is difficult to look at. A detailed best blue hair color guide is also available to help you out. You can learn about dyeing your hair at home on the internet. Happy shopping!


Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What complexion color complements blue hair the finest?

Blue hair is not just colorful and entertaining, but it also appears fantastic on all complexion types. To neutralize your yellow or gold undertones, use a blue color with greenish or violet connotations if you have a dark complexion. If you have lighter skin, bright blues will look fantastic on you. Learning to choose your hair color is a very easy process. 

2. Is blue hair a trendy choice?

Blue hair dye has grown in popularity in current times due to its ability to provide a dynamic different appearance or a refreshing tint on your original darker color. Read to know about the best blue hair tints for your hair.

3. What can I dress up in if I have blue hair? 

 Opt for a contrasting-complimentary color like pink to make an even stronger (but still attractive) impression. On the color spectrum, colors like red and lemon are precisely against blue, so use an opposing hue to amp up the impact of your fresh blue ‘do.