Top 7 Wall Mounted Salon Hair Dryer In 2023-Reviews And Guide 

Have you looked at those  wall mounted salon hair dryer and wanted to get one for yourself? But you are confused about which mounted hair dryer should you buy? There are a lot of options on the market but which one is the best? Lucky for you, we have an exquisite collection of wall mount hair dryer for salon  with their well-detailed reviews along with a buyer guide to help you through the process.

You must have noticed these wall mounted salon dryers in your Gym showers, Spa, hotels where they are firmly attached to the dressing room or in the washrooms. You will also find hair salon hair dryer are mostly hung up on the wall. They know very well that they are not just giving their customers the options of using this dryer but how easy, helpful, and cool it is to own one. That is where we would like to draw your attention to, in this article. 

So stick till the end to find answers on everything you should know about wall mount salon dryer

Top 7 Wall Mounted Salon Hair Dryer Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
Conair Wall Mount Salon Hair Dryer
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Andis Quiet Eall Hung Hair Dryer
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ProVersa Wall Caddy Hair Dryer Wall Mount 
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Hamilton Beach Professional Wall Mount Hair Dryer
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Sunbeam Hair Dryer Wall Mount
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ProVersa Wall Mount Blow Dryer
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Jerdon Wall Mount Salon Dryer
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1. Conair Wall Mount Salon Hair DryerConair Wall Mount Salon Hair Dryer


Key Features:

  • It contains removable filter which makes it easy to clean 
  • This has 2 heat and speed with 6 inch coil cord
  • It comes with LED night light for easy handling in the dark.

Conair’s consistent efforts with their hair products have made them quite popular within the hairstyling world. These wall mounted blow dryers have 1600 watts of drying power and compact shape, which can, within no time, dry and style your hair almost effortlessly without worrying about the size of the washroom. Mounting this product on the wall makes them secure and stylish as well.

This wall mount salon dryer is very safe to use as it has a removable filter, which shuts off instantly as soon as the dryer is put into the wall mount, preventing any possibility of malfunction. It also has an LED light feature, which again makes it very convenient for people who get ready at night and fail to utilize daylight.


2. Andis Quiet Eall Hung Hair Dryer Andis 30975 1600-Watt QuietTurbo Wall MouAndis Quiet Eall Hung Hair Dryernted HangUp Hair Dryer with Night Light, White


Key Features:

  • It has lifeline shock protection, thus making it safe.
  • It comes with three switches and two heat and air settings.
  • This contains long-lasting electronic light, so no burn or replaces
  • It features a new hanger loop.

Andis is a company which is very particular about the safety of its customers. This specific product is designed very simply and elegantly and offers such convenience that you don’t have to worry about finding a space for this.

This is a professional hair dryers used in salons and spas. It includes LED light and works on 1600 watts. It also has a metal mounting plate, which makes this product 100% secure, especially for those who have kids with them and even less expensive to operate.


3. ProVersa Wall Caddy Hair Dryer Wall Mount ProVersa Wall Caddy Hair Dryer Wall Mount 


Key Features:

  • It has an ALCI safety plug with an auto-off feature, which is very important for those who have kids around.
  • It features removable air and lint filters, making this clean and healthy.

ProVersa is one of the most powerful hairdryer options on the market, which gives us all the more reason to love it. It has different speed settings so that you can decide the pressure and temperature that will suit your hair. 

Moreover, it is rated for 11.5-amps and provides 1,600-watts of power. This ProVersa dryer comes complete with mounting hardware. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty that protects customers against any defects due to the malfunctioning of the product.


4. Hamilton Beach Commercial 8301 Professional Wall Mount Hair DryerHamilton Beach Commercial 8301 Professional Wall Mount Hair Dryer


Key Features:

  • Its nightlight makes it comfortable to use at night.
  • It has an ergonomically contoured handle, which not only looks great in any decoration but is more comfortable to use
  • A 6-foot power cord is an added feature that provides flexibility for the installation.

This professional wall mounted hair dryer is used in salons or hotels widely and saves counter space. It provides 1500 watts of power and two-speed settings. It can be installed pretty quickly on the walls, which means that guests or any other customer find it easy to access it instead of seeing it on the top shelf. This makes it one of the best wall mounted hair dryer among all the professional salon hair dryers.


5. Sunbeam Hair Dryer Wall Mount Sunbeam Hair Dryer Wall Mount


Key Features:

  • It has a cool shot button, which gives flexibility in styling.
  • This comes with an added feature of unique cord storage for efficient and maintenance purposes.
  • It also has LED night lights as well.

Sunbeam Hair Dryer is the best choice among wall mounted salon hair dryer for people who are very conscious about spending money, especially on electrical appliances. It contains 1500Watts and 1200Watts, which gives consumers the advantage of selecting the power of their own choice. It also comes with three-speed and heat settings, which is vital for the people who want their hair to be presentable the whole day.


6. ProVersa Wall Mount Blow DryerProVersa Wall Mount Blow Dryer


Key Features:

  • This wall mounted salon hair dryers comes with ALCI plug which is shock resistant, thus making it safe for use.
  • The wall mount hair steamer comes with an automated “Off” feature when installed back in the wall.
  • This salon accessory has a removable air and lint filter for quick and easy cleaning for its customers.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.

Adding another one to our list, this hair dryer again is the best option among any wall mounted salon hair dryer. It soothes your hair and also has a compact wall-mount design for easy installation, and one could avoid clutter. This specific product completes itself with mounting hardware with different heat and speed settings. The Jordan company continues to build its name in the world of professional wall mounted hair dryers market by improving its existing line with the latest technology and introducing its offerings to meet the demand of customers.


7. Jerdon Wall Mount Salon DryerJerdon Wall Mount Salon Dryer


Key Features:

  • This wall mounted professional hair dryer comes in black color.
  • Jerdon wall hung hair dryer has two speeds and two heat settings for extra versatility.
  • The ALCI safety plug, which prevents electrical shocks, is indeed an added feature.
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty

This professional wall mount hair dryer is powerful and easy to use because of its wall mount design. It provides 1600Watts of power, which means it can style your hair within no time, and one doesn’t have to think twice before using this beauty salon hair dryers. This hair dryer consists of all of the necessary hardware for easy and comfortable installation, so this wall mounted hair dryers reviews are quite positive and reliable.


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Buyer’s Guide:

When you have a variety of options available in the market, it becomes quite challenging to find the best one. No worries. We are here to help you out. There are some features of the wall mounted salon hair dryer based on which you can either select or reject a product that is offered to you in the market.

Here you will find some essential features of wall mount hair processor, which can be crucial in deciding while buying a dryer for commercial and as well as for home use.


  • Power Of The HairDryer :

The efficiency of a professional salon hair dryers depends on Watts( Wattage) of the hairdryer. The more the Watts it has, the more efficient the dryer is. The power of basic hair dryers range from 1000-1800 Watts as the coil used in them is made up of nichrome, which also makes it somehow inexpensive.

Keep in mind that high Wattage dryers are only suitable for frizzy, long, and thick hair types as this high temperature is not recommended for flat hair types.


  • Auto Shut Off

Nothing else is essential when it comes to safety while using electrical appliances, especially in the washrooms.Your product must have an Auto Shut Off option as it is a possibility that some of the consumers might forget to turn off the product, or due to the easy accessibility, the product can be in the reach of kids. So it is good to have this option as the dryer will turn off automatically when it is being placed in the wall-mounted holder.


  • Loudness

Since these wall hanging hair dryer are also used in the washrooms or salons for commercial purposes, they make a quite loud noise which can disturb or even irritate a person nearby. The wall mount salon hair dryer should also be environment friendly and should not contribute to noise pollution.While buying any hair dryer make sure that level should be under 85DB.


  • Cool Shot Button

This option provides consumers with chilly air after going through some high temperature, which can neutralize the effect of temperature on hairs.Secondly, it can also set hairstyles and give a final touch.So if you plan to use the hairdryer regularly, do consider this feature.  


  • LED Night Light

Instead of being optional, you can find this feature in a lot of wall dryers for salon. It’s beneficial to have this option as you are not bound to utilize the daylight and freely use your product at any time of your convenience. 


  • Price

If you are worried about hair dryers being expensive as wall mount blow dryer then we have good news for you. Wall mounted hair dryers come in friendly prices yet they provide high performance


  • Weight And Size

Lastly, these two are the essential features to be looked at before buying a hairdryer. As for styling, your hair needs more time and patience, and holding a massive thing for a more extended period can be quite painful.

Dryers are handheld devices, so the consumer must be comfortable while holding a device. Therefore you should give preference to compact shaped dryers for easy usage and comfortable installation.

Top Brands That Offer Best Wall Mount Hair Dryer:

1: Conair



Conair is one of the top trending brands in the world of beauty. You will find a lot of beauty and personal care products by Connair and that too of high-quality. There are various hair products by Conair as well such as hair dryers, flat irons and curlers. They offer a wide range of hair dryers, each model has its own distinctive feature that separates it from the other. 

Conair 1875 hair dryer is one most selling hair dryer and equally loved by the customers. You can use it at home with ease. Conair infiniti pro hair dryer is another well-known model of hair dryer by Conair. If you are a professional and looking for a solid dryer, infiniti pro is the right choice for you. 

Similarly, conair 1875 watt ionic ceramic hair dryer is a lightweight hair dryer that comes with a diffuser and concentrator  that offer settings according to the type of hair. It ensures that you comfortably style your hair with a no-slip grip holder. it guarantees style and new looks that will make you glamorous. 


2: Andis




Yet another fantastic brand that we have is Andis, that is designed and made in the USA. It is one of those brands that are cherished and praised by both professional and home users. This offers all the hair products at a very reasonable price. It offers many features and is famous for its wall mounted hair dryers. Andis 1875 hair dryer has also got some positive reviews from the customers as well. It is a heavy-duty hair dryer that certifies to dry your hair faster than any other hair dryer. 

Moreover, Andis bonnet hair dryer is another masterpiece by Andis. It will surely make your hot oil hair treatment a lot more effective.  Andis ceramic ionic styler hair dryer comes in a sleek gold design and ceramic technology. It aims to preserve the natural oils of the hair and seal the natural moisture that makes your hair healthy and smooth. Now if we talk about andis wall mounted hair dryer, you probably might have used it in hotels. 


Final Verdict:

Buying an electrical appliance in the world where technology has reached to another level can be tricky. Still, it can be easy if you have proper information regarding the product so that you are aware of what options are available in the market. Thus, in the end, you can make the right choice and should not have any regrets for the decision.

Everything has its pros and cons. As a human, we should be able to weigh them and should decide according to that. Every wall mounted salon hair dryer has some distinct features which might attract the buyer, which is the primary purpose of the product. However, as a consumer we should be smart enough to look at this bundle, a device which can cater our requirements and our needs rather than to settle for the very first option or opt something which is trending.

But I would still say that using these wall mounted salon hair dryers can make your life relaxed and comfortable. It is great for places with many family members. It’s also an excellent idea for spas and hotels. Nobody can run while taking this dryer as most wall hung hair dryer have long cords.

Hopefully, you will find what you were looking for.