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Researchers have proven that washing hair with hard water can generate problems such as dermatitis, scalp, dryness, and hair thinning. We have collected research-based tips for washing hair in hard water which can circumvent the aforementioned hair issues.

What is Hard Water?

Before proceeding to tips for washing hair in hard water, it is imperative to understand “what is hard water”. Hard water contains salt minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These minerals pose serious threats to hair by reacting with soaps, conditioners, and shampoos.

Practical Ways to Avoid Hair Related Problems

1. Powered Anode Rod

The primary concern of installing the anode rode is preventing the water hardness in pipes. It works on a similar set of rules as of catholic protection. This method is being applied for years in pipelines, ships, and boats. Its concern is protecting the water heater from rusting. Hard water affects the life span of your water tanks. The Corro-Protect Powered Anode Rod shields tank walls layer. Consequently, the water heater doesn’t get corroded. Thus, Anode Rod keeps water soft for years to come.

2. Rinse with Vinegar

If you want to get rid of lime-scale, vinegar is a very effective method. Vinegar contains pH that counteracts the hard water effects. Rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar is one of the practical tips for washing hair in hard water. The combination of two-thirds of water and one-third of vinegar in a cup or a jar is sufficient. Beware, don’t follow the practice every day. Rinsing with vinegar once a week is appropriate.

3. Rinse with Citric Acid

Citric acid comprises a high level of pH level which can break hard water minerals. Take a glass having three-quarters water and add lime juice or dilute lemon. Apply a good shampoo then rinse hair with the mixture. Let it remain on hairs for five minutes. Citric acid is also helpful for removing dandruff.

4. Leave-In Conditioner

The usage of any leave-in conditioner is beneficial to counter the impact of hard water. Remember, do it once a week. However, it should not exceed twice a week if the density of hard water is very high in water. Hair discoloration is a symptom of the bad impact of hard water. Coconut oil and almond oil are also beneficial to prevent the damage caused by hard water.

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5. Clarifying Shampoo

Regular use of clarifying shampoo, especially natural ones is a useful product. According to the feedback of natural shampoo users, shikakai and nut shampoos are valuable for restoring shine, thickness, and volume of hair.

6. Rain Water

Collect the rainwater as much as you can, no matter what amount of effort and time this practice may take. Rainwater is soft and pollutant-free and can be used for the shower.

7. Use of Moisturizing Hair Mask

Hair masks are very therapeutic for eliminating the side effects of hard water. A number of health benefits can be observed within 20 minutes. Hard water takes away the aliveness and shine of hair. The moisturizing properties not only restore shine but also infuse a soul in hair.

8. Filtered or Bottled Water

It’s not practical to use filtered or bottled for the whole shower. It could generate a bottle crisis as well as plastic pollution in the rest of the world. However, prevention of hard water damage is also important. Taking a final rinse with bottled or filtered water is a solution to both problems.

9. Install a Water Softener

Getting the installation of a water softener is a little bit expensive yet a long-lasting solution to avoid hard water harm. You have to use a little amount of soap when taking shower with soft water. By doing this, you can save money as well as get maximum results.

Shining, healthy, and thick hair determine one’s personality. A person having a charismatic personality remains the center of attention no matter its meeting, class, or a galaxy of friends. We have tried our best to frame effective tips for washing hair in hard water. Follow the suggestions to enjoy the spice of a captivating persona.