Low Wattage Hair Dryer/ Blow Dryer Devices With Buyer’s Guide

Low Wattage Hair Dryer

The Wattage of a dryer is the amount of power energy used by the hair dryer measured in per hour. A low watt’s hair dryer will consume less energy than the highest watt’s hair dryer when used for domestic purposes. In other words, you may say that you are spending more money on high wattage blow dryers as compared to the low wattage hair dryers. The wattage of a dryer used in homes is between 1000 watt to 2200 watt, and professional hair salons use up to 3000 watt of hair dryers. So, what is a low wattage hair dryer? We usually call the 1500 watt hair dryer as a low watts hair dryer as they use the minimum electric power. There is a huge difference between high wattage blow dryers and low wattage blow dryers.

Calculations show that employing a 2,000-watt salon hand blower for 20 hours a month costs $3.12. While it’d not appear to be much, that’s almost $40 for a year. Wouldn’t you rather treat yourself to a manicure with the cash you’ll save? Also, the upper the wattage on a hand blower, the stronger the warmth and therefore the more damaging it’s to your hair. Efficient, low-wattage blow dryers do the work without frying your strands. Low wattage travel hair dryers are more energy efficient than the regular hair dryers. It would take a little time to dry thick hairs but in fact they can be useful in many scenarios. One among these hair dryers has benefits:  folding travel hand blower into your purse when you’re headed to the office or the gym. Within the ladies’ room, lift your hair and aim it at the roots and it would directly save your time.

As we’ve known within the last part, people that are environmental and need to scale back the facility consumption would tend to select a hand blower that doesn’t use watt as many as other regular high watt hair dryers. When people are travelling, there are tons of occasions that you simply cannot use a high power blow dryer as was common. For instance, imagine you’re driving an RV on a road trip, you certainly don’t want to waste electricity by plugging high watt hair dryers. And there are other cases, for instance, sometimes you’re not conversant in the wattage of the hotel’s outlet can handle, carrying a low wattage travel hair dryer is the safest choice. Only the best energy efficient hair dryers should be considered for home-use purposes as they consummate lowest electrical energy and may also be effective in reducing your monthly electricity bills.

Top Low Wattage Hair Dryer Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
Dyson Hair Supersonic Dryer Ion/Fuchsia
Check Price
Revlon Hot Air Brush and Volumizer
Check Price
Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer AC Motor
Check Price
Conair 1875 watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer Lightweight
Check Price
Conair Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning
Check Price
Hamilton Beach 1500 Hair Dryer, Commercial 8301
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Andis Ceramic Ionic Styler Hair dryer, 80695 Tourmaline
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Andis 1875 watt Styling Hair Dryer, 80655 2-Speed & 2-Heat
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1. Dyson Hair Supersonic Dryer Iron/FuchsiaDyson Hair Supersonic Dryer Ion/Fuchsia


Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Sleek design
  • Fast and precise Airflow with fast drying
  • Prevents extreme temperature to the hairs
  • Magnetic Attachments Adjustable
  • Heat Shield Technology
  • Powerful Motor tuned to Inaudible frequency
  • Weight 4.64 pounds
  • 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty 

Dyson Hair Dressers are the best in quality with high class device material used. Easy to carry as they are light weighted. Dyson company offers a wide variety of high power blow dryers with low hair dryers wattage best suitable for energy efficiency. This hair blower is highly-tuned and its technology must be kept free from dust and therefore the residue from the handfuls of products used every day. A flashing white light even tells you when it needs a freshen-up if you forget. Once every week, it takes a couple of minutes to wash your filter. When using that clever brush, slide it over the filter cage and rotate to dislodge any sticky residue or pesky hair clippings. Once clean, pop the cage back on and it’s able to start everywhere again. So, if you want a low wattage hair dryer rv, then you should give this a try.


2. Revlon Hot Air Brush and VolumizerRevlon Hot Air Brush and Volumizer


Key Features:

  • 1100 watt power dissipation
  • Prevents hairs from sticking in brush 
  • With ION generator for fast drying
  • Extreme Temperature Hair Prevention Ceramic Coating Installed
  • 3 Heat/Speed Settings for Styling Flexibility
  • Weight 2.5 pounds
  • Limited Warranty of 4 years 

The Revlon Hot Air Brush is a new addition to the low wattage hair dryers with brushes. This variant comes in two powers: a 1500 watt hot air brush and an 1100 watt hot air brush and they differ in weights.

The  Brush of this dryer is designed with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles making it tangle-free , improved air flow and control. Powerful and Unique oval brushes create smooth hair styles and give reliable results. 1100-Watt gives 3 Heat/Speed Settings for hair dryer wattage average and becomes the best hair dryer low wattage in use.

The Ion generator makes air flow more fast and the ceramic coating prevents the hairs from getting burned and gives outstanding results with exceptional user experience. This hair dryer wattage average or hair dryer low wattage is best for you, if you want that your hair dryer stays workable for years.


3. Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer AC MotorConair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer AC Motor


Key Features:

  • 175 watt power consumption
  • Ionic Technology for fast and dryer air flow
  • Ceramic Coating provide hairs fast drying and less damage
  • AC Motor Installed
  • 3 Heat and 2 Speed for Custom Air Alow
  • Weight 2.2 pounds
  • Limited 2-year Warranty

The Infiniti PRO by Conair 259 1875W Styling Tool hand blower makes it easy for you to make a signature style. They are providing many low wattage hair dryers including this ionic model. The technology in this device helps to maintain the temperature and prevent extreme temperature to hairs. The cold-shot button locks in curls and waves for a relaxed, natural look. This Infiniti Pro Conair 1875W hand blower allows you to make the design you would like to suit almost any occasion. The concentrator attachment is often wont to pinpoint your styling for precise effects, while the diffuser adds volume and reduces frizz for a full-bodied look. This hand blower also features ceramic technology that gives infrared heat to guard your hair from damage. This is best for those who want a low wattage like 300 watt hair dryer.


4. Conair 1875 watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer LightweightConair 1875 watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer Lightweight


Key Features:

  • Includes Ceramic Technology Plus Ionic Conditioning fir smooth results
  • Lightweight DC motor with high torque 
  • Three heat with dual speed options ready to give best solutions to your hairs
  • 1875 watt motor and 120 voltage
  • Weight less than 1.5 pounds
  • Limited 2 years’ warranty
  •  Included Filter for Maintenance and Repairing

This low wattage hair dryer rv is a low amp hair dryer with an extraordinary feature of low heat hair dryer comes with great features, and plays a vital role in giving your hair the best stylish look. The tourmaline and Ceramic technology used in this low voltage hair dryer rv may be your next big thing in choosing the best 1800 watt hair dryers.  Another technology used in this low power hair dryer is the Ionic technology, this device comes with a built-in generator that prevents hair from getting exposed to too much heat.

The technologies used in Conair hair dryers are really advancing and a game changer as they are looking above user experience and making their products more advanced, fast and reliable. So, if you want a low wattage blow dryer, then you will not regret buying this. This is especially perfect for those, who are looking for the best 2000 watt hair dryer or 2000 watt travel hair dryer.


5. Conair Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic ConditioningConair Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning


Key Features:

  • Ionic and Ceramic Technology for smooth hairs and fast drying, reducing damage to the hairs
  • Comes with 3 heat options 2 speed options
  • Removable maintainable filter for better experience 
  • Include Concentrator for more focused air flow and different hair styles
  • Cool shock button locks style
  • Weight 1.4 pounds
  • Limited warranty of 2 years

These 1800 watt hair dryers category devices give users a great sense of beauty styling with extra options for personal experience and can be used for any hair types. Special technology used to avoid burning of hair or exposing to high temperature. These are low suited hair dryer wattage best use for domestic or travelling purposes. The motor is of DC type with high torque current and produces high intensity air that dry hairs faster. The variant has Ionic and ceramic technology to maintain the temperature and become suitable for any type of hair. You may also find a similar model in 1600 watt blow dryer and 1500 watt blow dryer if you want to step towards low wattage hair dryer. So, if you need hair dryer wattage best for domestic use, then you will not regret buying this. It can be equally beneficial for you, if you want a 2000 watt travel hair dryer or 1600 watt blow dryers.


6.Hamilton Beach Commercial 8301B Black 


Key Features:

  • Wall Mounted with Built-in Night Light, ideal for hotels, dorms and guest houses
  • 1500 watt motor power
  • 6-foot-long cord 
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Weight 1.6 pounds
  • With 1-year Warranty
  • Two speed toggle Power Button 

This 1500 watt low wattage blow dryer comes with its extra features of wall mounting and a built in light to give users another level of experience.  These ideal low heat hair dryers can save your space and even give you a spotlight for exceptional experience if you didn’t get enough light on your hairs. Longer cord than a regular 1500 watt hair dryer with a wall mounted holder and have a backspace for cord.

The device is made with sleek designed plastic, this contemporary low wattage hair dryer makes simple living exceptional. This 1500 watt hair dryer is energy efficient as well as with two way speed settings. An ideal device for hotels, dorms and guest houses. The device is also storage free, for instance it does not require space in the closet or shelves. So, if you want a 1200 watt hair dryer, then you should definitely give this one a try.


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7. Andis Ceramic Ionic Styler Hair dryer, 80695 TourmalineAndis Ceramic Ionic Styler Hair dryer, 80695 Tourmaline


Key Features:

  • Ionic Technology with Ceramic coating for controlled temperature air blows and heat prevention for hairs
  • Lightweight 1.6 pounds, easy to carry
  • Comes with a 2 Speed options and 2 Heat setting options
  • With a shot button that locks in style
  • 1875 watt motor power, energy efficiency is 90%
  • 5-foot tangle-free swivel cord 

The Andis 1875 watt hair dryer can be your next desire to buy a hair dryer of your choice. This 1800 watt hair dryer category variant comes with ionic technology and produces high blow air to dry hair much faster and keep a maintained temperature for every type of hair. This best energy efficient hair dryer offers a great user experience as the variant durability is of long term. This low wattage hair dryer uses ceramic technology to supply healthier hair compared to plain dryers. Ceramic technology also helps keep the warmth even and consistent. This dryer is provided with a cool shot button.  The cool shot is right for locking in curls for extended lasting style.

8. Andis 1875 watt Styling Hair Dryer, 80655 2-Speed & 2-HeatAndis 1875 watt Styling Hair Dryer, 80655 2-Speed & 2-Heat


Key Features:

  • 1875 watt energy efficient motor
  • 2 Heat and 2 Speed Settings
  • A long 6-foot tangle-free swivel cord
  • Removable filter cap for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Motor type Direct Current
  • Tourmaline and Ionic Technology for fast dry and fast airflow
  • Lightweight 1.6 pounds
  • 1 year limited time warranty 

This Andis Low Wattage hair dryer features 2 speed options for different levels of air speed. With a style lock button and a removable filter, it makes this variant superior over any other best low wattage hair dryers category. It provides 1875 watt power to the motor with direct current flow. Tourmaline and Ionic Technology makes it easier to dry hair faster and reduce the chance of hair burn. A 6-foot-long corded hair dryer comes with 2 heat and 2 speed setting options making it suitable to use for all types of hairs. It is extremely light weighted which is easy to carry around and make a perfect hair style you wish for. Other features include a 1-year International warranty. This is one of the low voltage hair dryers provided by the Andis with exceptional features and energy efficiency. This is also good for those who want to buy the best 2000 watt hair dryer.

Low Wattage Hair Dryer Buying Guide:

Airflow Control

A dryer with high wattage enables faster airflow, and having the ability to regulate the hair dryer’s airflow may be a handy feature. Low airflow gives you better control as you style your hair. High speed settings are better for coarse and tougher hair. you’ll also use the high speed setting if you would like to lower the warmth setting but still dry your hair quickly. Many hair dryers, like the Remington Air 3D hand blower, utilize unique technologies to minimize air turbulence and supply uninterrupted airflow, for wonderful results. 

Ionic Conditioning

Hair dryers with ionic technology release negatively-charged ions to rapidly break down positively-charged water molecules. This suggests faster hair drying with less heat. Additionally, this helps the hair shaft to retain moisture, minimizing frizz and keeping your hair healthy.


Tourmaline may be a semi-precious mineral which will be wont to coat the within of a hand blower. Almost like ionic conditioning technology, tourmaline generates negative ions when heated, helping to shut the cuticle layer and making your hair smooth. 


Ceramic hair dryers are great for many hair types. This heats up quickly and provides even temperature. It emits infrared heat which penetrates the hair strand from the within out.


Low wattage Hair dryers are often fitted with a generator with ceramic coating that prevents hair from getting exposed to extreme temperatures and plays a vital role in working for all hair types. This technology can release micro-conditioners from hair-nitrifying ingredients like keratin and argan oil, leading to strong and glossy hair.


A concentrator attachment provides an immediate and accurate airflow, enabling you to dry specific sections of hair. This is often a superb option for thicker hair, and it’ll assist you to feature volume.

The Two Most Used Brands for Low Wattage Hair Dryers




Conair has the best exclusive hair dryers available in all categories and colors with different price tags. Their wide range offers low heat hair dryers, low amp hair dryers as well as low voltage hair dryers with effective results on the hairs. They use Ionic and technology in their every hair dryer making it efficient for both electric energy and user. The company is long established and with their best experience in the current categories including hair dryers they are providing best hair dryers worldwide.

Their environmentally friendly variants include an extremely low power hair dryer which is low is  12 volt dc hair dryer and takes extremely low wattage. This 12 volt blow dryer can be inspected by the 12 volt hair dryer reviews on their official website and can be selected if the positive rating is more. This 12 volt dc hair dryer can be a new addition to the energy saving dryers. Conair always tends to bring the best of their products as you can see the best Conair brushless hair dryer reviews from the users.

They know the best strategies to follow and make their customers experience vulnerable. Their different hair dryers with different models and features provide the customers their best needs in the beauty category. They are contributing in making new trends in the beauty industry. Their hair dryers have the highest positive rating and are used worldwide. As they know a secret that their blow dryers can handle any contrast, span and color hairs. People have less complaints against this brand as they are trusted worldwide and are providing their product for over a century.   


Revlon – Logos Download


Revlon hair dryers provide from low wattage hair dryers to a wide range of small portable hair dryers. They know your hair is such a lot quite “just hair”. it’s your face-framer, your style-changer and your final touch. Their low wattage hair dryers include dryers of equal to and less than 1000 watts hair dryer. These 1000 watt hair dryer are known to be the best energy efficient hair dryers unlike the highest watt hair dryer. Their low amp hair dryer is the new addition to the low wattage hair dryers and they also give extraordinary using experience.

They also have a wide range of small portable hair dryer that can be kept in a hand bag and would be useful for travelling purposes.  Their devices are best suitable for domestic use as well as business use. The price of their products vary from model to model and specifications. The wide range offers every type of hair dryer for every hair span and style. They are using advanced technology for instance Tourmaline and Ionic Technology Plus ceramic coating in their every device.

The company knows where to meet the standards of people and they are making their products energy efficient as well as portable with thousands of best positive 120 volt hair dryer reviews. They are also known to provide best products including small portable hair dryer and low watt hair dryer for rv in Low Wattage hair dryers plus they have reasonable pricings for their different hair dryers variants.



The low watt hair dryer for rv should be considered for home use and business purpose. As they have lower output energy they consume less electricity besides they are user friendly and plays a good role in giving users the best experience regarding hair styles or energy saving. You should always opt for the most convenient item whenever you are selecting a product for use, and the highest watt hair dryer is not going to do any good for you. And see for the best positive reviews of products of well renowned companies.

Another thing is to keep in mind that the product gives exceptional results with minimum certainties. And lastly knowing the power output needed by the variant and you need to be fully aware of how much power your house can hold. The best option is to go for more energy efficient products. The sources you are buying from should be trusted and have a money back guarantee. The products should have a minimum of 1 year official warranty. The fact is based on the energy saving as well as hair effectiveness results that a low power hair dryer with high air flow can be the best hair dryer you can opt for.