Increase Your Productivity With Heavy Duty Barber Chairs

As a hairstylist, you run a crucial trade in modern society. Unlike a lot of trades, I do not see that it is going anywhere soon. Your barber chair says a lot about what kind of establishment and relationship you nurture with your community.

A heavy duty barber chair does not only add an outstanding impression on your clients but make your work more convenient and reliable, putting more money and extra clients to your work space. Barber chairs comes in many varieties and the prices may vary from model to model, so how are you going to find the best barber chair for you? If you plan to open a barber shop or simply want to upgrade to better barber and salon equipment for your space, follow the ultimate Buying guide for Heavy Duty Barber Chairs for you and may find the best chair suitable for you!

Here are the 7 best products of heavy duty barber chairs and hair styling chair for sale provided with better class and at affordable prices and also a wide variety of barber shop furniture wholesale prices:

Top 7 Heavy Duty Barber Chairs Reviews

ImageNameCheck Price
Dir Hydraulic Barber Chair
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Artist Hand Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair
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Artist Hand Barber Chair
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Superworth Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair 
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Artist Hand Reclining Barber Chair
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Artist Hand Vintage Barber Chair
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Artist Hand Barber Chair
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1. Dir Hydraulic Barber ChairDir Hydraulic Barber Chair


Key Features:

  • Rounded, Soft and Comfortable Backseat cushions
  • Soft padded armrest with foldable footrest 
  • Locking and adjustable headrest with adjustable pinpoint
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pump With upto 590lbs of weight limit.
  • Sleek lever can be reclined to 45 degrees

Bring a luxurious and comfort to your shop with these new barber chairs for sale in colors red and black barber chairs by Dir, which features an antique European design with a brushed frame. This chair comes in retro design, which is completely out of  its class with extreme durability & comfortable faux leather installed on the seats. It brings the best experience to feel with the comfort and durability as well as its classic shape. This brand has a large variety of hair stylists and barber shop chairs for sale. Red and black barber chairs, and you can even get whole sale barber chairs or barber furniture for sale by putting your order.


2. Artist Hand Hydraulic Recline Barber ChairArtist Hand Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair


Key Features:

  • Wear resistant leather and easy to clean
  • Headrest and foot rest can be adjusted as per inches
  •  Swivel of 360 degree for better results and reclining up to 135 degree
  • High class material used in the frame of the chair

The Artist Hand hair stylist chairs for sale and new barber chairs for sale are strong and sleek design barber chairs. It is suitable for haircuts and shaving.  A very comfortable and durable chair specially designed for long runs with affordable prices and high specifications. If you are looking for both affordable and comfort barber chairs, then this is the best chair you can buy. A brand with a full variety of barbering chairs and hair dresser chairs for sale with long lasting warranty. This is the best choice for a heavy duty barber shop, and you can even get these hairdresser chairs for sale.


3. Artist Hand Barber ChairArtist Hand Barber Chair


Key Features:

  • Comes with a High class hydraulic pump
  • Easy to wash and water resistant leather
  • High density and soft sponge
  •  Headrest can be removed or adjusted
  • Swivel up to 360 degree reclined up to 140 Degree 
  • Comfortable plus Simple and easy to maintain

These beauty salon chairs for sale  on the website and outlets are best known for their performance in quality. The all purpose barber chairs wholesale also possess durability. This is a chair designed for your barbershop. The chair can be worked uner different business purposes like haircuts  tattoo parlor and for also for shaving. With its  exquisite design and durable structure makes it the best standards chairs in the world. These barber shop chairs and stations will definitely be your best partner within the salon. Artist Hand provides a full variety of Barber and salon equipment. There are numerous variety of  hair cut chairs for sale by Artist Hand. If you are looking for hairdresser chairs for sale cheap, then you should definitely give this a try.


4. Superworth Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair Superworth Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair 


Key Features:

  • Adjustable chair back and headrest 
  • A perfect choice for salon equipment as it comes with official warranty and high class features.
  • Premium quality leather prevents from wearing and tearing
  • With heavy duty hydraulic and comfortable seat, it makes your clients experience extraordinary.

This Barber Shop chair on sale provided by Superworth is can be swivel to 360 degrees. Heavy hydraulic shock makes height adjustment easy. Foldable footrest makes it easier for client to sit. This chair price may vary from model to model. This company provides brand new barber chairs with official warranty. They offer the best heavy duty barber chair for sale cheap and red barber chairs for sale on ‘Amazon’ with high class durability. The brand has a full variety of barbering chairs for sale. ‘Superworth’ is one of the classic names in providing the best cheap barber chairs for sale. So if you are looking for red barber chairs for sale, then this should be your choice.


5. Artist Hand Reclining Barber ChairArtist Hand Reclining Barber Chair


Key Features:

  • Footrest and headrest can be adjusted to various positions
  • Tattoos, shaving and hair trimming can be carried out 
  • Embroidered seat with best quality leather covering
  • Reclining of upto135 degree
  • loading capacity is limited to 330 lbs

The brand deals with barber shop chairs and stations and hair stylist chairs for sale, along with having a wide variety of American made barber chairs. This is the cheap barber chair for sale in heavy duty barber chairs for sale cheap category which is carefully engineered and helps to bring maximum comfort to your customers. Stuffed with high-density sponges and covered with premium quality leather.
This heavy duty barber chair is easy to put in as it takes lower space as compared to the regular chair. Steps are explained briefly for the installation of this cheap barber chair for sale.. Putting a class to your business with extra durability. You can even get these barber shop chairs for sale or on low price of barber chairs.


6. Artist Hand Vintage Barber ChairArtist Hand Vintage Barber Chair


Key Features:

  • Washable seats with water resistant leather
  • Soft Comfortable sponges
  • Swivel up to 360 Degrees and reclining up to135 Degrees 
  • With official warranty 

It is one of the affordable and comfortable barber chair free shipping with heavy duty barber chair. A strong and sleek design with extra options barber chair. It is suitable for haircuts and shaving. A simple design with extra features best for in the chairs category. If you are looking for both affordable and comfort barber chairs, then this is the best chair you can buy.  These are beauty salon chairs for sale and barber chairs for cheap price. Artist brand is one of the brand well known brands for providing best quality and affordable price of barber chairs.


7. Artist Hand Barber ChairArtist Hand Barber Chair


Key Features:

  • Stainless steel frame with high quality leather on seat installed
  • Bottom lever allows to adjust the height of the chair 
  • Backrest reclining 135 degrees
  • High class leather covering on seats with soft sponges
  • Maximum load capacity is 350 lbs.

This salon chair for sale is well engineered, bringing maximum comfort to your customers. This chair is easy to setup as it comes with a detailed manual on setting up every feature of the chair. You are able to make any suggestions or complaints against your product. You can even google this brand for barber shop chairs products or salon chair for sale if you are not able to find it on your desired website.

Why your barber chair matters

Customer care is the most vital determinant of successful Barbershop. Clients should feel pampered & be provided with a great trimming experience. Adding a suitable chair for your shop will make you have a much better experience with the clients! Barber chairs should reflect the direction you’ve got in mind for the Barbershop. Finding a well-structured chair is often complicated on the functionality side of things, except for the foremost part. It should simply bring your design layout together.


Heavy Duty Barber’s Chair Buyer’s Guide:

You need to think about a couple of factors while purchasing a heavy duty barber’s chair. So that a client feels comfortable experiencing in your barbershop.

1.Work on the first impression

think about your shop’s style, aesthetic, and customer base while choosing a barber chair. Is your shop old fashioned or chic? Are most of your clients twenty-somethings or middle-aged women? In a perfect world, you spend most of your time at your barber chair cutting and styling hair. Your chair reflects your business. A barbershop that feels thoughtfully designed and put together eases your clients’ concerns. The first thing a client sees when they walk in the door is you and your chair. Give a great first impression.

2. Comfort:

Before purchasing a heavy duty barber chair, you would like to believe it through the eyes of your customer, is that this chair firm? Can the clients sit on the chairs for long hours? Or is the chair just suits your budget but performs poor in working mode? The main objective is to satisfy the client. A brand new barber chair or the chair barber shop will provide more comfort than a used one. So avoid purchasing second hand barbering chairs for sale.


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3. Cushions Comfort:

The cushions or the sponges stuffed  inside the seat must be comfy and soft, and ready to turn back to its normal state after being pushed back too hard. Thoroughly check the cushion by compressing it multiple times. After it is compressed the seat should come to its original state and if not then you need to reconsider a heavy duty barber chair that’ll add value to your barbershop for years to return. The sponge of the cushions and seats should be soft enough to give your clients a good comfort for the chair barber shop.


4. The Cushions State:

You will not find comfortable cushions in cheap barber shop chairs. The headrest should comfortable enough to provide support to the head and neck.  While going for barber shop equipment wholesale, you should be careful about getting good cushioned chairs.


5. Additional Options:

Nowadays Heavy Duty Barber chairs for sale cheap accompany calf-comforters. If you plan to make your client more satisfied then pay attention to the extra features of the chair that provides more comfort while sitting. If a seat has massagers that’s a plus point for productivity but the budget should be always first priority. You can also get barber shop furniture for sale.


6. Shape and Frame:

Next up is this black and white barber chair with long lasting material used and extra features. Heavy Duty Barber chairs are available in all varieties. If you’ve got a c theme for your barber shop example, black and white barber chair or adding a vintage-classic chair design will make your shop look balanced and congruent. On the other hand, if you would like a cleaner professional look and do not want cheap barber shop chairs, then a modern/industrial design of barber chairs for cheap is going to be more suitable for your shop theme.

7. Functionality:

If you want a beauty chair for sale or barber shop chair for sale, then you should visit nearest salon equipments shop or visit any website that could deliver your item tou your desired location. If you’re planning to setup a small hair trimming shop then first you need to look for a better hair dressing chair. It is better to check every single thing working on the barber chairs for cheap, before purchasing one. Besides functionality, you should also consider price. There are many brands which offer cheap barber chairs for sale and barber shop equipment wholesale, you should definitely look for them.


8. Reclining Working on Seats:

Reclining is the main feature in a chair in barber’s shop, the working of every feature in barber’s chair is the main objective to get perfect impression on the client. Make certain to see the seat for this beauty chair for sale reclining functions. If the reclining limit isn’t nearly an equivalent as mentioned within the manual, search for an alternative choice. Both movements should be frictionless. If the friction is not enough try applying machine oil on the reclines. You can get this feature even in a barber shop chair for sale.


9. Seat Height Control:

It is better to know the best height for the barber shop chairs cheap, and better knowing the standards of the customers. Better to check the shocks of the chair to prevent any disruptions while working on a client. This hairdresser chair for sale or haircut chairs for sale with hydraulic and dampers should be in a good state. The lock of the seat would be good enough to hold the weight of different clients. You can get such barbers chairs for sale in the market or look for a barber shop chair for sale online or sale yards.


10. Seating & Weight Capacity:

Seating styling and comfort and weight capacity varies from model to model and pricing. As barber shop chairs cheap may be lower in price but not good enough to satisfy your customer. So a good quality chairs must hold any of your client with different types of figures. The weight capacity of your hair dresser chair for sale is another feature to think about while buying a barber shop chair for sale.


11. Chair Weight:

The weight of the chair should not be too much as it would be hard for you to carry it around or move in your shop. Also look for a better quality fabric seats. Some manufacturer uses poor class quality material on chairs, beware of buying the haircut chairs for sale from a sub-standard brand that have bad reviews on its products. Look thoroughly the material of the chair and check every feature available on the chair. You can get barber chairs on sale along with barber items for sale without much effort from trusted outlets or sites.

12. Focus on budget:

Most importantly, look at the budget too. Select a source of buying wholesale barber chairs where you can find a full variety of barber furniture for sale and choose barber shop furniture wholesale rates. And to add a distinctive look to your shop with heavy-duty barbershop equipment. Another important thing is to buy only from the trusted source and on the market available rates.


Go-To Brands For Barber Chairs

The Two Renowned Brands for Barber Chairs are:

1. DIR Barber Chairs Hydraulic Reclining


Dir Salon Furniture manufactures top quality Barber Chairs with the very perfect standards in terms of functionality and style. Their well-class chairs offer you a big range of classical and comfortable chairs, whether you’re looking to make a nostalgic, vintage look or modernize the looks of your Barbershop. The standard of this brand is high class based on the long business trends, as they know the basic need of their customers and how to make their customers business working. A Dir chair allows you to provide exceptional services with positive feedback of clients and it also sets the increase productivity and ambiance for your Barbershop. DIR may add a luxurious look to your salon and great impression on your clients. A perfect choice for selecting salon equipment from DIR if you are following a well themed hair dressing shop or parlor. Their different models of barber chairs are available under your budget with high class quality. They use fine long lasting materials with also durable warranty. DIR is a brand you need to consider while buying barbers chairs for sale and barber shop items for sale, while having best quality, for best experience. 


2. Artist Hand Barber Chairs Hydraulic Reclining


Artist hand has a wide variety and huge range of barber equipment. They are committed to providing perfect quality, reasonable price and excellent service for each barber shop, and becoming a favorite amongst professionals. Meanwhile, the custom package can include the reclining chair, all purpose salon chair, tattoo parlor chair and other modern salon equipment. They provide a variety of top quality styling units to enrich your barber shop. Also they have heavy duty barber chairs on sale or cheap barber chairs wholesale as well. The price depends on the model and specifications of their products. They provide their products worldwide. The class and comfort in their products is another thing. Artist Hand is one of the best names to buy equipment regarding hairdressing or makeup salon or any other tattoo parlor. If you plan to start a barber shop from scratch or you want to upgrade your salon equipment, then Artist Hand can provide salon equipment of high quality at reasonable rates.



The basic steps you need to keep in mind before starting a barber setup is to have better equipments, second to know your customers needs and thirdly the standards of working in your area.  It is better to look for all purpose barber chairs wholesale rates and find a specific spot where you can buy American made barber chairs along with all the equipment of the barber shop with trusted sources. For instance, has all the barber shop furniture for sale and barber equipment for sale. You can even get many barber chair free shipping by ordering online from barber chairs and stations wholesale. This can help you with best client experience, increase in your productivity and overall a god quality standard running business.