Detangle Your Hairs Gently By Using Combs For Natural Hair

Combs For Natural Hair

Hairs are the most defined part of our personality. There is no doubt that proper combing and hair styling can lead your personality to another level. But, sometimes, your hairs get so entangled and knotted that it will make you cry while setting them down. Especially people with curly hairs, mostly think it’s better to leave them the way they are. 

Moreover, the massive hairs bunches in your comb, hair fall during shower drain, and the broken hairs on the floor of the bathroom are enough to make you decide not to touch your hair anymore. The anxiety you feel we can completely understand. 

Don’t worry! Here we come to a solution. A proper tool is known as the best brush for natural black hair takes time to comb your tangle knots. This will make you less pain and more effective to comb. The better way is to start from the bottom and then gradually move towards the top. 

Here are some combs for natural hair that proves to be very helpful to people with rough curly hairs. All you need is to go through the features and specifications of these best hair brush for natural hair. Thus, choose the one according to your hair texture

Top 7 Combs For Natural Hair Reviews

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Denman Styling Classical Brush
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Cricket Ultra Clean Comb
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Comcl Tangle Teezer Hair Brush
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Hercules Sagemann Magic Comb
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Seven Potions Hair Comb
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Baxter Pocket Comb
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Rocky Mountain Hair Comb
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Percy Nobleman Hair Comb
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1. Denman Styling Classical BrushDenman Styling Classical Brush


Key Features:

  • This best comb for hair is available in 2 designs (Either 7 rows or 9 rows).
  • Pins are placed in a natural rubber pad.
  • Pins are composed of premium quality nylon.
  • It is the best brush for natural hair for styling and polishing of hairs.
  • With the help of an anti-static rubber pad, it allows maximum grip.
  • It is ideal for longer and thicker hairs.
  • You can also wash and clean this best brush for thick curly hair with water.

In the list of the best combs for natural hair, Denman Styling Classical Brush is at the top of the list. This is because it is the top detangling black people hair brush as selected by most of the customers. 

Besides the detangling feature, many customers used the best hair brush for black hair to make it straight after taking a shower. A special gel known as Eco Styler Gel is also provided with this styling classical brush for nappy hair.

According to the company, for the proper working of this best brush for black hair, you need a lot of conditioner in your hairs so that this best brush for natural African American hair moves gently even in the dense hairs. For quick styling of hairs, the experts say that you may detangle hairs with fingers prior to using these best brushes for natural hair. Above all, this will reduce hair breakage.


2. Cricket Ultra Clean CombCricket Ultra Clean Comb


Key Features:

  • It comes in 3 types (Big time, Detangler, and Rake)
  • This plastic combs for natural hair is resistant to slip.
  • It is the best traveling product.
  • All models have antimicrobial technology.
  • Antimicrobial technology retards the growth of bacteria.
  • This best comb for curly hair offers the best way to interact with hairs.
  • The hard plastic is comfortable 

If you are searching for a handy size small comb then, no other comb is better than Cricket Ultra Clean Comb. This is the best for natural hair, especially thick and dense hairs. It can easily detangle the small hairs. 

Furthermore, this is a 2 set of best combs for curly hair. You must use the blue comb before using the required comb.  This will bring a smoother finish. According to the different Amazon reviews, due to their pointed edges, this hair comb for curly hair is good in the fine hair community.


3. Comcl Tangle Teezer Hair BrushComcl Tangle Teezer Hair Brush


Key Features:

  • It can be used for any type of hair.
  • It makes the hairs look silky and soft.
  • The company has designed this comb for dense, curly hairs.
  • This best brush for 4c hair is awesome for kids.
  • It works well on rat nests.
  • These brushes for natural black hair can be used for fine thick, dense hairs.
  • This comb for natural hair is available easily in the market.

Let us introduce to you another best brush for thick curly hair. This comb is Comcl Tangle Teezer Hair Brush. 

In addition, the popularity of these brushes for black hair is because of its uniquely designed pins.  A lot of customers, especially the women, are using this curl brush for natural hair and are happy with its material. 

According to the company, this African American hair brush can be used for all types of hairs, especially long hair. This is because if the longer hairs are not combed properly, they may break. 


4. Hercules Sagemann Magic CombHercules Sagemann Magic Comb


Key Features:

  • Its wide tooth easily moves through longer hairs.
  • This wide tooth comb for black hair is unbreakable.
  • This is the best anti-static curling comb.
  • It is an expensive wide tooth comb curly hair.
  • This is the most amazing wide tooth comb for natural hair on amazon.
  • It got a 5 star rating from more than 73% of customers.
  • The tooth does not injure the skin.

If you have long hair and are fed up with using the ordinary comb for making your hair straight, then it’s the time to purchase the Hercules. It is a best wide tooth comb for curly hair and long hairs.

According to the company, this wide tooth combs curly hair works best on wet hair. For the quick and the best result, apply a small quantity of your favorite natural oil on your hair. Most probably, 1 or 2 drops of oil are enough.


5. Seven Potions Hair CombSeven Potions Hair Comb


Key Features:

  • It is designed with good quality material.
  • These combs for natural black hair are very durable comb for natural hairs.
  • It is a little bit expensive best comb for black hair.
  • It is available in 2 models (Hair Comb H1 and Beard Comb B1)
  • This brush or comb curly hair is the best handcrafted comb for natural hair.
  • You can use it for all types of hairs, styles, and thicknesses.
  • This is the best made in England comb for natural hair.

If you are looking for a handcrafted best hair combs in the world then Seven Potions Hair Comb is the best comb for you. This handcrafted with saw cut detangler comb curly hair works on all types of hair.

According to the company, the combs for black hair are polished gently so that the tips of the comb’s teeth are smooth and rounded. Above all, these rounded tips are much better than an ordinary comb that tears at your hair and causes damage.

Moreover, this best wide tooth comb for fine hair can be used for the distribution of oil evenly across the hairs, and this will give a shiner, stronger, and healthier look to your hairs. The material used in the manufacturing of this hair comb for curly hair is not the wood. Instead, a mixture of cellulose acetate and a non-petroleum polymer is used to make a durable, sustainable, and flexible plastic that finally gives the shape of the comb. This best combs for curly hair for natural hairs also resists static cling.

Furthermore, the use of the cellulose acetate makes it waterproof, so you can easily clean this comb without any danger of damaging the comb’s material.  The cellulose acetate with a non-petroleum polymer is an eco-friendly and sustainable material that produces no itching or irritation to the skin. The comb or brush for curly hair has both fine and coarse teeth. This makes it suitable for all types of hair, hair lengths, styles, and thicknesses.


6. Baxter Pocket CombBaxter Pocket Comb


Key Features:

  • It has both thin and thick teeth in a balanced ratio.
  • It is the most versatile best comb for curly hair.
  • The smaller combs are fragile, and may break easily.
  • The larger combs are very durable.
  • You can use it for a beard and eyebrows other than hairs.
  • This best comb for hair is available in 3 sizes (3.25, 5.25, and 7.75 inches)
  • This comb for natural hair is the best product from Switzerland.

Let us introduce to you another the best wide tooth comb for curly hair that is composed of cellulose acetate. This comb for natural hair is Baxter Pocket Comb. The best thing about this comb is that it is available in different sizes.

This is the product of Switzerland. This best comb for black hair during its manufacturing goes through different 12 steps. According to the company, this detangler comb curly hair is a sawed cut that results in a smooth tapered tooth with rounded tips.  These rounded tips will not pull or damage your hair.

Moreover, this best wide tooth comb for fine hair has both thick and thin teeth, which means you can use it for any type of hair, either thin or dense hair. As it is also available in small size, so you can take it anywhere and can use it everywhere for styling. 

According to the market survey, The Baxter Pocket comb is a versatile comb that can use for beard and eyebrows other than hairs.


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7. Rocky Mountain Hair CombRocky Mountain Hair Comb


Key Features:

  • This wide tooth comb curly hair has a durable and sturdy design.
  • The wood combs are our traditional grooming tools.
  • The teeth are rounded and gentle to the skin.
  • This wood comb is not suitable for thin and fine hair.
  • It easily detangles the courser hairs.
  • It fit comfortably in hand.
  • This wood comb has uniform teeth for perfect styling.

If you are searching for good quality wooden combs and brushes for natural hair rather than a plastic comb, then purchase Rocky Mountain Hair Comb. Wood combs are the traditional grooming tool that is being used by our forefathers. The interesting feature of the wood combs is that such combs are anti-static that are gentle to our hairs.

According to the company, these combs for natural hair are durable and rugged because they are also warp-resistant. Its soft and smooth teeth would not scratch your hairs, beards, or eyebrows.

Moreover, the company is confident about its product. As this best wide tooth comb for thick hair also helps you to make different styles that suit you. Other than hairs, this wide tooth combs for curly hair can be used to style your mustache and beard.


8. Percy Nobleman Hair CombPercy Nobleman Hair Comb


Key Features:

  • It would not pull hairs.
  • It has a modern and stylish look.
  • The material used is very durable and sturdy.
  • It is bigger than a pocket comb.
  • This is the best comb for toddler hair, all types, and lengths.
  • It comes in a very elegant tortoise shell design.
  • This comb can be used for collecting dandruff.

The Percy Nobleman is a very famous and renowned brand for the manufacturing of different Hair Combs. These combs are gentle on your hair and strong enough to be used for all types of hair. These combs for natural hair come with an attractive tortoise shell design. 

According to the company, the detangler comb curly hair is composed of soft but durable synthetic acetate.  This comb gently pulls so that you can easily make any style. The teeth are rounded so that you feel no pain or itching while combing. The teeth come in 2 widths that help you to maintain close control in styling and shaping your hair.

The company says that these combs for black hair can use for both courser and fine hair. Other than hairs, it can use for beard, eyebrows, and mustaches. This comb is not a pocket comb as its length is 7.5 inches. 


Buying Guide For The Best Combs For Natural Hair:

You can find remarkable and diverse styles of combs for natural hair. These good combs for curly hair will detangle your hairs with a smooth touch.  If you survey the market, you will come to know that great trendy combs have attained the market such as wide tooth combs for curly hair, curl brush for natural hair, and best paddle brush for natural hair, best comb for toddler hair and many others. 

You have read the important features of the best combs for natural hair.  Now let us tell you to learn more about what to consider to find out the best comb for your hairs.

1. Materials

Bone combs

Best comb for natural hair is bone combs. Bone combs are very special because they are made up of organic resins instead of cheap plastic. These are seamless, anti-static and heat resistant. They only get better over time with use and last for quite some time. 

Metal combs

According to the market survey, metal combs and brushes for natural hair are very durable. The most important feature of the metal combs is that they retard the static and friction that makes it hard to style your hair.

Synthetic/ Plastic combs

By reputation, plastic brushes for black hair are the black sheep of the comb family. This is because cheap plastic combs are available anywhere, but they are not very durable. These combs also leave lines and seams in your hair.

These best combs for curly hair are composed of Cellulose acetate, a synthetic material more durable and are hand-cut, polished to a nice finish to last for years.

Wood combs

According to many experts, the best combs and brushes for natural hair are composed of wood. This is because the wooden combs are used for massaging the scalp. The ultra-smooth finish of handcrafted wooden combs glides through your beard more effectively than that of metal or plastic combs. Wooden combs are more durable in quality that lasts for a lifetime.

Carbon combs

If you visit the market, you will also find some wide tooth comb for natural hair is composed of carbon. These combs are also widely used because they offer durability while producing less static. Carbon combs work well on all types of dense and thick hair.



Wide Tooth Comb

This comb or brush for curly hair has thicker teeth and is more beneficial for thicker hair. Experts say that these combs are ideal for detangling dense and curly hair. The teeth spacing is larger, that allows thicker hair to pass through easily.

Fine Tooth Comb

These best combs for natural hair are designed for thin and straight hair. Fine Tooth comb easily removes the tangles and keeps hair smooth in place. Such combs are not used for styling.

Medium Tooth Comb

These are the most versatile best hair brush for natural hair and most commonly used in saloons. These combs are used mainly for hair cutting and removing tangles for shaping and styling hair.



Handle design is also a very important factor while purchasing the best combs for natural hair. In the market, combs come with different handle designs.

A tail comb with an extra-long design has a thin, but the pointed handle enables you to divide hair while making different styles. 

It is important to mention some trustworthy brands in this regard as market competition makes it quite difficult for us to decide the right brand. 

Percy Nobleman-Hair Comb


If you are seeking a high quality and the best combs for natural hair, then go for the Percy Nobleman brand. This is because the hair combs of this brand are designed with quality, and keeping in mind different types of hair. Moreover, this brand has attained a great market due to its durable and portable hair combs.

2. Rocky Mountain Barber Company-Hair Comb


Rocky Mountain Barber Company is one of the most demanding brands in the market. The reason is that it offers the best combs for natural hair in a large variety. The best brush for natural hair are designed with very durable material. In addition, the best thing about these combs is that it allows you to make any style and can use it for any type of thin, thick, long, and short hair

3. Baxter-Pocket Comb


The combs designed by Baxter are famous due to its easy to grip handles. If you are searching for the best brush for African American hair, then go for the Baxter Pocket comb. With the help of specially designed rounded thin and thick teeth, you can convert your hairs in any style without any difficulty.


I hope you will find this buyer’s guide very helpful because we have summarized all the necessary information that will help you to find the best combs for natural hair. Remember, when you are shopping, our buying guide will be helpful and allow you to limit your search to buy the best combs for natural hair that meets your requirements and best suits your hair.

Moreover, our research is based on sales generated reports, customer feedback, general surveys, and market evaluation of each product. Hence, we provide you surety that our top 8 best combs for natural hair will not disappoint you in terms of performance and durability.

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