Bleach Proof Salon Towels -{Top 7} In 2023

Bleach Proof Salon Towels

The bleach safe salon towels have become a new trend. There are several varieties of towels
available in the market depending upon your needs. However, many spa towels select white
napkins as they score high in terms of aesthetics. It’s not easy to find bleach safe salon towels
because they are available in different varieties and sizes.

They vary in terms of quality too.  The best way to select bleach resistant salon towels is to check the material that it is made up of. Some of the best cotton towels use high-quality material and is resistant to stain. In this article, we have compiled the 7 best brands of bleach safe bath towels.

These bleach resistant bath towels are the best companion for your spa or salon. These brands
have been selected after careful reviews from the customer. But before that, let’s learn, how to
buy the best salon towels bleach safe.

How To Buy Salon Bleach Safe Towels?

You can buy salon bleach safe towels wholesale to create a uniform look in the salon that you
work in. It adds to your brand value and attracts your customers towards it. The salon towel
that you are planning to buy should have a professional look and your guests should notice it.
The salon towels for sale are available in the different shades or sizes and they go through the
different wash cycle. The hair salon towels wholesale have certain features that make it
distinct from the normal towels.

Qualities Of Bleach Proof Salon Towels Wholesale

The hair salon towels bleach safe should be able to handle frequent washing. It helps in saving
money in a long run. The bleach safe towels wholesale should look a better than the standard
towels. You are less likely to see damage or tearing after heavy use. Here are some factors that
you need to consider before buying salon towels bleach proof

1. It Should Be Easy To Sanitize

The bleach safe salon hand towels should be easy to sanitize. This helps in the removal of germs and will create a healthy environment in the salon. The salon hair towels wholesale that you buy should be able to withstand the harsh chemicals that are frequently used in skin treatment. The regular towel generally becomes damaged after coming in touch with the harsh chemicals.

2. Size

Before buying towels for hair salon it is important to consider the size. There are different options available in the market. You can customize it to match your requirements.

3. Texture

The bleach friendly bath towels should have a pleasing texture to start with. It should give your clients a relaxing experience. The last thing that you may need is the client complaining about the towel. It is, for this reason, the look and feel of the towel is a major factor to consider.

While  selecting black salon towels, the most important way to make the right decision is to check the fabric with your hand. If you wish to buy, black hair salon towels online, check whether the company provides free samples or not.

There are certain companies that are happy to send you a sample towel according to your needs. This will give you a chance to feel the texture of the towel and find whether it is appropriate for your guests or not.

4. Thickness Of Hair Salon Towels Cheap

The color safe towels for the salon that you buy should have a high absorbency rate. The microfiber salon towels wholesale is the better option. But thicker tends to be more comfortable when it comes to absorbing water. It is a practical alternative for the stylists. The clients feel luxurious and they think they are sitting in a premium salon.

The bleach proof salon towels are thick and have a high absorbency factor . It is an important factor that you need to evaluate by looking at and touching the towel. Before buying bleach resistant salon towels it is important to check how well they absorb and loop. A high number of loops signifies a better absorption rate.

5. Durability Of The Towel

The quality and the way the towels are made to impact the durability of the towels. If you want bleach safe bath towels strong- check its absorbency factor and whether it is able to handle frequent washing of harsh chemicals.

The high- quality towel will not have loose loops and will not fade away. The bleach resistant bath towels should be able to withstand harsh chemicals. The high-quality salon towels bleach safe should be able to hold shape even after several washings.

6. Weave Of The Towel

Before buying salon towels bleach safe it is important to check the weave of the towel. It indicates durability and quality. The fibers that are closely knitted together are less likely to wither down, so they are able to handle heavy use.

7. It Should Not Shrink

The salon bleach safe towel does not shrink as they are loosely woven.
This means the towels maintain its shape and size after being washed frequently. It should have shoulder length and it should fit around the head.

8. It Should Not Produce Lint

The salon bleach safe towels should produce less lint. This makes the washing process easy and this maintains the original shape of the towel. Lower quality of towel sheds more lint and sheds more fiber and in this way the towels loses its original shape. With each wash, poor quality towel loses its fabric, and in this way, the towel thin out.

The salon towels bleach proof towels should be high in quality. The lint makes the towel susceptible to tearing. All these make towels in-effective in absorbing water and it leaves bad impression on the clients too. It impacts the overall image of the salon too.

The towels for hair salon that you buy should be thicker and it should be of higher quality so
that it can withstand harsh chemicals too. It improves the integrity of the towel.

9. Protection From Harsh Chemicals

One of the biggest qualities that you need to consider before buying salon towels is whether they are able to withstand the harsh salon treatment. The bleach guard salon towels should not only stand up against the bleach, which is highly recommended for sanitary purpose, but other harsh chemicals too that are used in the salon.

The standard towels fibers may break due to harsh impact of chemicals on the fabric. This
reduces the professional appearance of the towel. Over time, it means more money spent. The
towel needs to be washed after every use. If you stock beauty salon towels wholesale, you can
easily increase the health, safety and look of the salon.

10. Color

Color improves the look of the salon. You can select standard black hair salon towels as it goes with any theme of the salon. You can redesign the look of the salon just by buying new towels. If your salon believes in opting for a signature color as a part of its logo, the colored towel will give you an option.

Pop of color add a new dimension to the look of the salon. Another option is you can color code the towels. Each stylist can use different colored towels for different purpose- like for shampooing, bleaching, facial and spa treatments. This methodical use of towel will improve the longevity of the towel. It also makes the process of laundering easy.

Product Reviews

The towels for beauty salon should be soft and gentle. Most of the beauty salon towels wholesale are made from cotton material and the absorbency factor of the towel is high. But it is important to have a look at the different towels before making purchase.

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Before buying bleach friendly bath towels, you need to consider the above-mentioned factors. Here are some products that score high in absorbency, quality and aesthetics. Have a look.

ImageNameCheck Price
Euro Professional Salon Towel
Check Price
Gold Bleach Cotton Bleach Proof Salon Towels
Check Price
24 Black Bleach Proof Towels
Check Price
Cotton Bleach Guard Towels
Check Price
Utopia Towels Bleach Proof Salon Towels
Check Price
Cotton Salon Towels
Check Price
Arkwright Bleach Safe Towels
Check Price

1. Euro Professional Salon Towel

Euro Professional Salon Towel



  •  The towel is great for curly hairs.
  •  The color doesn’t fade away.
  •  It is made with excellent finish
  •  The towel maintains its integrity even after regular washing
  •  It is easy to dry.
  •  Price:$19.95

This is a micro fiber towel that looks apt for all kinds of hairs. So, whether you have curly hair,
straight hair or wavy hair, you can easily dry it with this towel. This is high-quality towel and is
considered as one of the best towels for hair salon.

These towels come with bleach- resistant property and its color doesn’t fade away with time.
The size is perfect and it is made from microfiber material. It is absolutely best for your hair and the best part is the towel comes within your budget.


2. Gold Bleach Cotton Bleach Proof Salon Towels

Gold Bleach Cotton Bleach Proof Salon Towels



  • The towel is made from 100% cotton.
  •  It is able to withstand harsh chemicals.
  •  Made from 100% ring spun cotton material
  •  The towels are highly absorbent.
  •  They are color safe.
  •  Price:$29.99

The towels are made by Gold Textiles and are rated as the best cotton bleach proof salon towels. This towel is popular and economical choice by the professionals. The towel is 16” x 27”. It has extra absorbent property and is good for drying the hair.

This is made from 100% cotton ring spun terry cloth that offers extra softness and is long lasting. It has professional hemmed edges and is highly durable. Even after frequent washing, the towels will not fade away. It is perfect for salon use.


3. 24 Black Bleach Proof Towels

24 Black Bleach Proof Towels




  •  The size of the towel is 16”x28”.
  •  It is the best towel for salon professionals.
  •  The towels come at a low price.
  •  The bleach safe towels wholesale is available in black shade.
  •  Price:$47.95

This is the best example of wholesale salon towels bulk. The towels are made from ring spun
cotton and scores high in terms of absorbency factor. The towel is highly functional and can be
easily used in the salon.

The best part about this towel is it is large in size and this set includes 12 hand towels. Unlike standard black hair salon towels, this towel doesn’t fade away and it can easily withstand harsh chemicals. The towel doesn’t thin down even after multiple washes.


4. Cotton Bleach Guard Towels

Cotton Bleach Guard Towels



  •  This is machine washable.
  •  This is made from the thickest fabric so that it is able to absorb water from your     hands and hair.
  •  It is eco-friendly.
  •  The product comes with advanced hemming.
  •  It is made from bleach resistant material.

Want to buy salon towels wholesale free shipping? Well, it is an ideal choice for you. This
luxurious towel can handle stains and other tough chemicals. The material is 100% cotton and
has high absorbent power. It is because of this property the towel remains fresh and looks
clean for long time. It measures 16 by 26 inches and has all the properties of durable and
quality towel.


5. Utopia Towels Bleach Proof Salon Towels

Utopia Towels Bleach Proof Salon Towels



  •  It is made from 100% cotton fiber.
  •  It has an extra absorbent property.
  •  The towel is efficient and has an attractive design.
  •  Price:$52.99

It is a pack of 24 soft and luxurious towels set. This is the best salon towels wholesale free
shipping. The towel can withstand harsh chemicals and it has certain properties that protect it
from staining. The best part of these bleach safe towels wholesale is it can be used for the
different purposes like salon, gym, pool, spa, etc.

Unlike standard towels, it has high absorbing property and can retain moisture and remains vibrant. The towel is vibrant and looks clean for a long time. It measured 16 by 27 inches and is highly reliable. It has all the features that you can expect from the quality towel.


6. Cotton Salon Towels

Cotton Salon Towels



  •  It is made from 100% cotton.
  •  This comes under the category of bleach safe salon towels free shipping
  •  It has an elegant design.
  •  Offers a luxurious feel to the customer.
  •  It is laden with moisture-wicking properties.
  •  It is a pack of 12 towels.
  •  Price:$20.99

Do you wish to buy a lightweight cotton towel that has moisture wicking properties? Well, it is
an ideal choice for your salon business. This hair salon towels bleach safe is made from the
natural materials and is devoid of free and harmful chemicals.

Made from 100% ring-spun cotton it will give your clients a delightful feel. This towel measures 16×26 inches and is highly stylish, luxurious and durable. It has all the properties of a quality towel.


7. Arkwright Bleach Safe Towels

Arkwright Bleach Safe Towels



  •  It is bleaching safe and comes with bleach resistant properties.
  •  It has multifunctional in use.
  •  The towel is made from ring spun cotton.
  •  It is made from grade A quality material.
  •  Price:$26.99

Finding a perfect salon bleach safe towels wholesale is not a cakewalk. You need to research
and find the appropriate option. This set of towels is made from ring spun cotton and is highly

The towel has highly absorbent properties and is highly multifunctional. It measures 16×28 inches and offers maximum coverage. The towel doesn’t lose its integrity even after multiple washing. It is machine washable.



Most of the beauty salon towels wholesale are made from cotton material and the absorbency
factor of the towel is high. But it is important to have a look at the different towels before
buying the same. The towels for beauty salon should be soft and gentle.

The salon that offers spa treatments needs to consider the texture of the towels because they are likely to come in contact of skin frequently. You can buy black salon towels or wholesale colored towels you can bleach or wholesale salon towels bulk, depending upon your requirements.

These are the best salon towels and are tested by the salon care professionals. Your clients will
love it when you use it at a spa or salon.