Ten Best Tingle Tanning Lotions- Buying Guide & Reviews.

Best tingle tanning lotion

Tanning is a slow and frustrating process, especially without using any product. The process is also becoming worse and harmful because of the harmful UV rays. If you want better results and speed up the process, then the best tingle tanning lotions can be the best helping hand. Tingle tanning lotions cause slight tanning upon application. It is the more intense form of common tanning lotions, but they are not suggested to beginners because of the intensity of tanning tingle lotion.

So if you are looking for an extreme, long-lasting tan, we will discuss the best tingle tanning lotion. So for dark, extreme, and long-lasting tan, then read our top tingle tanning lotions reviews. Let’s dive in;

What Is Tingle Tanning Lotion? How Does It Work?

Tingling lotions are named so because they provide a tingling sensation on your skin after you apply this on your skin. It’s surely more intense than other tanning lotions available. The lotion carries blood to the skin surface and, essentially, oxygen to influence the skin’s melanin. The more melanin that is affected, the darker your skin will turn into. The purpose of tingle tanning lotion is to support the impacts of UV beams you open yourself to when lying in a tanning bed. Indeed, your skin will be red for around one hour after you tan. The redness is like a burn from the sun. However, the redness will fade soon, and you’ll be fine.

In short, the tanning tingle lotions with Methyl Nicotinate or Benzyl are designed to carry more and more oxygen into the skin by increasing the circulation of blood in the body as well as increasing the amount of oxygen on the surface of the skin. So tanning tingle lotions or tanning lotion with tingles and bronzer are specially designed for those who desire a deep tan or have difficulty getting their desired tan.

Our Top Picks for the Tingle Tanning Lotions

ImageNameCheck Price
White 2 Black, Tingle Tanning Lotion
Check Price
Designer BombShell 100XXBronzerCheck Price
Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion Swedish BeautyCheck Price
Jwoww, Mad Hot Tingle BronzerCheck Price
Onyx Indoor Tanning Lotion With the TingleCheck Price
Devoted Hot Tingle Bronzer- 13.5 oz.Check Price
Poison 11 oz Hot Tingle BronzerCheck Price
Supre Snooki Hot 12 Fluid OunceCheck Price
Pro Tan Hot Tottie lotionCheck Price
Designer Skin So ShamelessCheck Price

Below are our best tingle tanning lotions that should be considered as well as the features that can compel you to have them chosen over others. So let’s start;

1. White 2 Black, Tingle Tanning Lotion


If you have just started tanning and finished your non-tingle tanning lotion and are looking for a better and stronger agent to boost your color, then this White 2 Black tanning tingle lotion is a perfect solution for you. It’s a mild hot tingle tanning lotion that promises to take you up to three shades darker. It does this using numerous gas pedals, just as the gentle hot action tanning lotion formula itself.

It is a tingle lotion without bronzer, so you don’t need to worry about the ending of an unnatural tan or darker colored imprints around your fingers, you can’t just slap this on, rest and unwind, and realize that you will get off the bed with a darker tan. This tingle tanning bed lotion also contains black tea and cranberry extract, which hydrates and saturates your skin. The scent is also quite unobtrusive, portrayed as downpour kissed leaves, which will conceal the after-tan smell.

The last feature of this incredible tingle tanning lotion without bronzer for beginners is the cost. It’s excellent and about a similar cost as a ton of tingle tanning lotions, so you will not feel bad about picking a container to give it a shot.

  • tingle tanning lotion without bronzer
  • One of the best cheap tingle tanning lotion
  • Provides a brilliant base color
  • Without bronzer

2. Designer BombShell 100XXBronzer


Bombshell tingle tanning lotion reviews reveal that it is one of the extreme tingle tanning lotions that provide excellent results at the end of the session. This seriously hot tanning lotion is safe to use, so you will not suffer from tingle tanning lotion burns. The steady heat and best ingredients of bombshell tanning lotion tingle will feed and tan your skin, with white tea extract, soy, and CoQ-10 leaving you with a profound and surprisingly tan.

Bronzers top off your shading and ensure that you’ll get results each and every time, and it’s a fantasy to use due to the light and new watermelon fragrance and liquid, simple to apply velvety surface. That’s all we have to say about these tanning lotions with tingle and bronzer. There’s an explanation: Bombshell tingling lotion is a tanning lotion with tingle and bronzer that survives this time. Even after so long, it’s stunning.

  • hottest tingle tanning lotion
  • Light in texture
  • Easy to apply
  • Amazing fragrance
  • bombshell tanning lotion tingle is an expensive option

3.Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion Swedish Beauty



If you have sensitive or fair skin, then this pink diamond tingle lotion is perfect for you. This pink Diamond T2 is ideal among Swedish beauty tingle tanning lotions and making this Swedish beauty indoor tanning lotion the first choice for beginners. So be prepared to become red, however as the redness blurs, you’ll be left with a more profound, hazier tan than you’ve at any point had before.

It doesn’t hurt that this indoor tanning lotion with tingle offers additional skin-nourishing ingredients to help mitigate your skin after all that sizzle. Swedish Beauty’s triple-activity hostile to maturing, firming, and thinning mix will help reestablish your skin’s characteristic flexibility and youthful appearance.

So in case you’re making the first step to the tingle tanning, then you should look at Pink Diamond T2!

    • It tightens your skin and also helps to stimulate cell division
  • best tingle indoor tanning lotion
  • This pink diamond tingle lotion has a Green citrus smell
  • Consider as one of the tanning lotions with tingle and bronzer
  • Not for those who need extreme color

4. Jwoww, Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer


The intense formulation of the jwoww tingle tanning lotion takes your base tan to the next level. It is not a suitable option for sensitive skin because this Jwoww tingle tanning lotion causes allergic reactions. This is a tanning lotion with tyrosine that causes melanin’s rapid production to make your skin darker in less time.

The unique blend of yogurt and dark currant oil makes the skin soft and silky. At that point, there’s also a skin-profiting blend of shea spread and Vitamin E. In tanning lotions, these two ingredients are critical, what’s more, because both have wizardry-like forces for keeping your skin energetic and more youthful.

With these tanning lotions with tingle and bronzer, you don’t need to stress over skin hydration. This is incredible information for continuous leather experts. Additionally, the brilliant golden brown tan it produces is difficult to beat. Furthermore, this tanning tingle lotion has a cherry on the cake with a cinnamon-like aroma. So you’re not compelled to manage an unpleasant after-tan smell.

    • Ingredients contain vitamin E and shea butter
    • Anti-wrinkle properties
  • best tingle tanning lotion for tanning beds
  • Provides visible smooth skin
  • Light in texture
  • Strong smell
  • Not best for sensitive skin

5. Onyx Indoor Tanning Lotion With the Tingle


This indoor tanning lotion tingle is specially designed to work on those body parts that take time in tanning. This tingle indoor tanning lotion also works best for dry skin with also an aloe property it helps to lock moisture. So if you need to rock with a miniskirt, you should consider this tanning bed tingle lotion. If you don’t like the hot burning sensation, you’ll be happy to realize that the lotion contains mango extract, shea spread, and panthenol that ceases irritation agents.

What’s more, if you have dry skin, the aloe in the item will help lock dampness to guarantee you’re hydrated. The item additionally has green tea extracts that are known for lessening the presence of cellulite. Also, in the end, the lotion has algae extract and jojoba oil that improves skin appearance.

  • These tanning lotions with tingle and bronzer help you to tan the hard to tan body parts.
  • Full of hydrating powers.
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Not as tingly as other options available on the list

6. Devoted Hot Tingle Bronzer- 13.5 oz.


It seems like a platitude, yet Ignite NOIR truly will light your tanning gains. The amazingly solid tingle, which is worked around a super oxygenating formula that gets more blood to your skin and tans you quicker normally. The formulation contains an absurdly undeniable degree of DHA, just as regular and corrective bronzers that will support your shading from the second you get out of the bed.

This is one of the best tanning lotions with tattoo protection that keeps any new ink looking sharp and prevents it from blurring, just as a lot of toning and cellulite ingredients, so your recently tanned skin is also going to look delicate and smooth, just as incredibly dark. The main drawback is the cost. While this tanning tingle lotion is phenomenal, and you will get incredible results using it, it just has about similar tanning power as our top decisions, and they’re better valued for cash. But if you do purchase this tingle tanning bed lotion, you’ll never think twice about it.

  • tanning lotions with tattoo protection
  • Reduces wrinkles and cellulite
  • Enhance micro-circulation
  • Provide high tingling effect, which people usually do not like

7. Poison 11 oz Hot Tingle Bronzer


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Poison hot tingle tanning lotion is an intense tingle packed with bronzers and fake tan. This provides your desired tingle tanning lotion burn while enhancing your color between every single session. This is because it’s full of active ingredients, including up to multiple times the standard measures of dynamic tanning fixings like tyrosine, unipertan, and the old top pick of carrot oil.

What’s more, your tan will be boasted with bronzers, which are self-changing. This implies tingle tanning lotion reaction gets darker as you do, building up all the difficult work you’re placing on the tanning beds.  It’s not simply performance that makes it amazing. This tingler tanning lotion is smooth to apply due to the silicone infusion, and Fixation’s underlying thinning recipe implies you can tone as you tan. It additionally smells stunning, with a light citrus touch that is solid, without being overwhelming or fake.

The solid tingle, thinning texture, and light, smooth, simple to apply formula means this is the best tingle tanning lotion with bronzer for general tanning, regardless of whether you’re simply beginning or you’ve effectively got a seasonal shading.

  • Strong tingle without causing an allergic reaction to tingle tanning lotion
  • Three times active ingredients
  • Great bronzer with slimming formula
  • One of the best tingle bronzer tanning lotion
  • It might cause excess fake tan for many people

8. Supre Snooki Hot 12 Fluid Ounce


If you are very crazy about tanning, then this should be on your list. This is a tanning lotion with tattoo protection, so it keeps your beautiful ink from fading. It is an ideal option for those who are looking for anti-aging and anti-cellulite benefits.

In addition, there’s aloe, which successfully saturates the skin during the tanning activity. Talking about the tanning activity, this indoor tanning lotion with tingle is a very dim sizzling maximizer explicitly intended for experienced and severe tanners. The quick action it produces looks good with the amazing maximizer that conveys a knockout tone.

Zero fake bronzers and bunches of tattoo security; could turn into your go-to tanning maximizer. Now we know why it was a part of every list of the best tingle tanning lotions with bronzer.

  • Nut and gluten-free
  • Powerful bronzer
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Firms skin tone
  • It also moisturizes the skin
  • Strong smell

9. Pro Tan Hot Tottie lotion


Pro Tan has been doing business for more than 30 years, and surprisingly today, their items are still trusted by competitors and wellness industry experts. 

This tingler tanning lotion is a hot activity bronzer that joins an extensive list of dynamic fixings, including; tyrosine for shading, full of vitamins A, C, and E for long haul skin wellbeing. Also, aloe vera and cocoa margarine saturate and sustain your skin. While it’s not the most sultry lotion on this list, the tingle is sufficiently able to feel, and you will see the results. We suggest this tingle tanning bed lotion for moderate leather experts hoping to take their tanning to a higher level.

  • Great for the skin
  • Powerful tanning tingle lotion without being hot
  • One of the tanning lotions with tyrosine and also with vitamins A, C, and E
  • Mild tingle

10. Designer Skin So Shameless


Known as one of the tops of the tanning lotion brands, Designer Skin utilizes top-quality items and extraordinarily planned recipes to make compelling tanning lotions that improve and expand your tan and sustain your skin with luxurious moisture.

Designer Skin nails it again with one of their freshest lotions, So Shameless. This time, it’s a genuine tingle tanning lotion, not a warming bronzer. So in case you’re prepared to turn up the warmth and add a little sizzle, So Shameless is one to consider. Since this lotion is so new, there aren’t numerous surveys to peruse. However, one thing is evident from the individuals who have tried So Shamelessly: “it works!” It gives you a decent shading after a single sitting, and the tingle is moderate; settling on it is an extraordinary decision in case you’re attempting a tingle interestingly.

  • Best for the beginners
  • One of the best tingle bronzer tanning lotion
  • Provide Mild tingle
  • There is no afterward color afterward

Buying guide for the best tingle tanning lotion

To make it easier, we list down the best factors to take into consideration while choosing the best tingle tanning lotions.

Tingle power

Some tanning lotions are intended to deliver just a negligible tingling sensation. Others may be excessively intense, which somehow causes pain. So if you are new to tingler tanning lotion, try to pick one that isn’t extraordinary. Avoid the tingler tanning lotion named as “hottest tingle tanning lotion” as these are intensely powerful. Go for “slight tingling lotions” instead of the extreme color bomb tanning lotions.

Type of tingle tanning lotions

So there are maximizers and gas pedals. If you’re new to the entire cycle of tingling lotion, then the accelerators are the most reasonable decision for you. It additionally contains saturating elements for skin hydration. When your base tan is set up, at that point, you can presumably proceed onward to a maximizer. 

Yet, kindly note that the accelerators and maximizers are both intended for improving your skin tan.


There are some tanning tingle lotions that accompany bronzers. The tingling lotion, as a rule, is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It’s a compound that changes your skin cells. Along these lines, you get a fake golden glow on top of your base tan. What’s more, that gives your skin a bronzed appearance.

Anti-Aging properties

It’s always a superior plan to choose tingle tanning lotions loaded with minerals and nutrients. These are perfect for joining hostile anti-aging benefits like reduced wrinkles, scarcely discernible differences, and puffiness. The exact impacts are also achieved by cutting edge matrixyl six and peptides.

I have reviewed many tingle tanning lotions with all or the vast majority of these ingredients. So you don’t need to stress over a thing with regards to tanning darker and securing your skin against signs related to prematuring aging.

Tattoo Fade protection

Tanning lotions also feature tattoo fading protection. I’m sure you know the connections between UV radiation or UV sun rays and tattoo fading. With this kind of exposure, it’s just normal for your new, lovely ink to look old and less lively. 

So you have a long list of motivations to purchase tingle tanning lotions with an enemy of blur tattoo protector. As a general rule, if the tanning lotion offers this unique tattoo security, the maker makes a highlight print it toward the front or the back of the jar.

Cellulite-fighting properties

There are some tingle tanning lotions equipped with Fit and Form Complex or Body FitTM. What this sort of development does is decrease the rugged appearance of cellulite by making your skin tighter. So assuming that is important to you, why not make the most of such new technology added in tanning lotions for you!


A tingle tanning lotion probably won’t be for you. A few groups don’t like the redness that can accompany the high tingle tanning lotion. Yet, for tanning tingle lotion users who need to get dark, quick, this is the best solution. If you need to get tanned as fast as possible, the best thing to do is purchase a medium-strength tingle and give it a shot for a few sittings.

Whenever you’ve seen the outcomes you get, you’ll be dependent on that surge and anticipating your next meeting. If you don’t think tingle lotions are for you, this list of best tingle bronzer tanning lotions may contain something more appropriate for you.

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