7 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Fair Skin- Buying Guide & Review

best indoor tanning lotions for fair skin

Tanning is infused in the genes. The genes regulate the skin pigment called melanin to provide a sun-kissed look. If you have fair skin and you want to get the tanned look then there is no need to worry. As people love the sun-kissed look and always look for solutions to achieve their desired look. Today the market is full of tanning products that help you to achieve your desired sun-kissed look in no time without any side effects. In this situation, the indoor tanning lotions have jumped in this race to provide your desired bronze look with just minimal effort.

All you have now to do is to pick the best indoor tanning lotions for fair skin so that you enjoy your tan look and become free of sunburn worries.

If you are also looking for the best indoor tanning lotions for fair skin then you land at the right place now scroll down to learn all about the indoor tanning lotions. We will provide you the best bronzing lotion for fair skin with a detailed buying guide. So read on to learn;

What is Tanning?

It is a process by which your skin looks darker. We know everyone has a different skin tone. This is because of the melanin pigment which is produced in our body to control our skin tone. The more it produces the darker the tone will produce. 

There is a variety in the shade of tanned looks. If someone wishes to get the darker tone then it is best to go with the simple tanned products available in the market. 

What is Indoor Tanning?

In this, the skin gets a tanned look without exposing it to the sun rays. It involves tanning beds with special bulbs that emit UV radiation like the sun. they activate the skin melanin cells to begin the darkening process. The process results in a darker skin tone which is more attractive.

Indoor tanning permits you to tan the skin without sunbathing exposed on the seashore or outside. Tanning beds have been around for just about a century. Their positive effects have made them more well known particularly among millennials. The indoor tanning moisturizers enact melanocytes which thus invigorate the creation of melanin. They contain active ingredients like melanin and L-Tyrosine and some different fixings like tea oil, green tea extracts, essential oils, and so on. this one does not seem like coming to an end at any point in the near future.

A huge number of individuals tan their skin outside because natural light is in excess quantity during summer. However, indoor tanning empowers you to accomplish more obscure skin during winter and other cold times of the year. 

Indoor tanning has gotten well known among individuals for many years. It is particularly normal among guys and females in their late teens to mid-twenties.

Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Here are some truly amazing benefits of indoor tanning lotions. These are as follow

Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer

As we all are aware ozone becomes depleted which causes the more intense natural light to come on the earth directly and causes drastic effects on our skin. Experts say that indoor tanning in this situation is the best way to reduce skin cancer caused by the UV rays of the sun. 

Boost Vitamin D

Vitamin D is fundamental for the legitimate and sound working of your organic entity. What occurs with individuals who live in zones without sufficient bright days in a year? Shouldn’t something is said about individuals who live in regions with polar winters, for example, several months of darkness? This is the reason indoor tanning can be amazingly advantageous for you.

Reduces Scars Visibility

Something else I love about indoor tanning is the amazing ability to diminish the visibility of our stretch checks and scars. Just a few settings are sufficient to make these adversaries of flawless look practically to completely invisible.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Fair Skin in 2023

ImageNameCheck Price
Maui Babe Indoor Tanning Lotion
Check Price
Devoted TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning
Check Price
Millennium Dark Tanning Lotion
Check Price
Hemp Tanning Bed Lotion, 9 Ounce
Check Price
Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion
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Australian Gold Sinfully Black
Check Price
Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses, 13.5 ozCheck Price

1. Maui Babe Indoor Tanning Lotion

Maui Babe Browning Lotion Tanning Salon Formula | Ulta Beauty



Highlighted Features

  • Contains hydrating ingredients
  • Speeds up the tanning process 
  • Affordable
  • The coconut oil act as the best hydrating agent
  • good tanning lotion for fair skin

The first product of our best indoor tanning lotions for fair skin is Maui Babe because of its satisfactory results and reliable ingredients. The ingredients blend perfectly to provide a bronze look to your skin. It also stimulates melanin secretion to speed up the process to provide you a natural sun-kissed look.

The product is rich in Kona espresso extricate, Kukui nut oil, and certain fundamental nutrients. Kona espresso extricate contains the astonishing component “Caffeine”, which plays out a powerful function of invigorating the flow of blood.

Kukui nut oil is a customary cure, drilled for quite a long time, truly supportive for burns from the sun. Vitamins A, C, and E are truly fundamental antioxidants reinforcements that slow down the process of aging. They keep the skin fresh, keeping under control any signs of wrinkles and fine lines.

Maui babe indoor tanning lotions for beginners don’t contain any mineral oil, guaranteeing the wellbeing of its use for tanning beds. In the tanning beds, oils structure an unsafe film on the acrylic. This hypoallergenic indoor tanning lotion is with no oil which adds to its in addition to focuses and benefits.

2. Devoted TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning


Highlighted Features

  • best indoor tanning lotion without bronzer
  • Contains shea-butter for the best moisturizer
  • Perfect and effective formulation
  • It is also the best indoor tanning lotion for tattoos
  • Affordable option
  • Also contains a mild fragrance

This mild-tingle tanning lotion is best suited for all skin types. If you wish to achieve a darker natural glow then you will fall in love with this product. This best tanning bed lotion for fair skin fine formula absorbs into the skin without giving any loud reflexive look. The tan shows up truly smooth and normal on the skin. It also permits the tan hope to stay for a drawn-out period with no indications of dry skin and uneven tan shades on the skin. Bronzers present in this cream assist with accomplishing a natural look.

This moisturizer is also rich in anti-aging and anti-dryness properties. Other than giving great tan to the skin, this anti-aging tanning bed lotion also satisfies the skin’s requirement for fitting dampness. This anti-aging tanning lotion also shields the tattoos from blurring because of direct exposure to the daylight so it is the best indoor tanning lotion for tattoos. Clients of this best dark tanning bed lotion show their interest to use this awesome item again and again.

3. Millennium Dark Tanning Lotion


Highlighted Features

  • It is a 100X bronzer tanning.
  • Advanced silicon-containing lotion for fair skin.
  • Noticeable from first use
  • One of the best tanning bed lotions for fair skin with added fragrance.

This new solid black indoor tanning lotion is also the best body bronzer for fair skin. It is also the best bronzing suntan lotion for pale skin. This suits them well and provides their desired tan look. The instant bronze in it makes the skin tan just right from the first application. his amazing nature of Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer strikes its clients.

It is rich in hemp and sunflower seed oil, which upgrades the nature of the cream as a decent lotion. The moisturizer structures a smooth layer and fine surface. The further addition to the uniqueness of black tanning bed lotion particular lotion is its great smell.

This contains chamomile and willow bark. These fixings help to mitigate the skin and keeps the skin from having any kind of tingling. All these qualities make this product on our list of the best tanning bronzer for fair skin.

4. Hemp Tanning Bed Lotion, 9 Ounce


Highlighted Features

  • One of the hypoallergenic tanning lotions 
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Non-greasy texture with all-natural ingredients
  • Provide the best dark result possible

The Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer lotion is hypoallergenic i.e it is generally far-fetched to create any hypersensitive response. For all the sensitive skin people, you don’t have to worry about your skin tanning. A fine item has shown up on the market to rescue your skin and improve your skin tanning experience. This outdoor or indoor tanning lotion for sensitive skin contains certain characteristic concentrates, nutrients, and different fixings essentials for the presence of good layered tan on your skin. It is additionally free from colors, aromas, and parabens.

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Another addition to this item is its creation from unadulterated hemp seed oil, mango seed margarine and oats, and so forth. Every one of these fragrance-free tanning bed lotions consolidates together to frame a mix. This mix fills in as a defensive layer and helps your skin from drying out under the light. It additionally gives appropriate moisture and sustenance to the skin and keeps it from any kind of inconsistent tanning. Along these lines, this indoor tanning lotion for sensitive skin gives a smooth, adjusted, and generally tan to your skin.

5. Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion


Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor tanning lotions for sensitive skin
  • Good tanning bed lotion for fair skin
  • jwoww black bronzer tanning lotion Contains all-natural ingredients
  • jwoww tattoo tanning lotion is also non-greasy in texture.

If you are looking for the best darkening tanning lotion then this one’s for you. All the natural ingredients make this the best tanning bed lotion for fair skin. Herbs improve your skin’s tone, support it and increase the tan.

You shouldn’t be frightened of a harsh tanning bed lotion any longer. The Australian gold tingle tanning lotion gives hydration. Also, skin hydration is the main need when you need the best dark tanning bed lotion. This black tanning bed lotion contains vitamins and essential oils that suit all skin types. All the more explicitly fair and sensitive skin! The essential oils help you to remember the tropical seashores of Hawaii. Furthermore, on account of the glycerin and sunflower oil. Your skin won’t ever appear to be too red or delicate after tanning.

The vitamins and melanin support the tanning bed lotion and work together. It is a JWoww tattoo tanning lotion so you can use it to keep away from the blurring of tattoos on the skin! Also, the Kukui nut oil improves smell to coordinate with the impact of the common bronzer.

6. Australian Gold Sinfully Black


Highlighted Features

  • indoor tanning lotion with bronzer
  • 15X Deviously Dark Bronzers
  • Tan enricher to provide instant results
  • Contains mild fragrance

It is also the best and well-known product on our list and the market. As it is an Australian gold tingle tanning lotion, one of the leading brands, so don’t hesitate to use this to get a gorgeous tan. According to Australian gold indoor tanning lotion reviews, this is full of nutrients like Hemp Seed Oil, Black Currant Oil, and Kukui Nut Oil, this indoor tanning lotion with bronzer leaves your skin feeling amazing flawlessness and smoothness. With regards to giving your skin a dull, brilliant tan, Australian Gold Sinfully Black does precisely that. It is loaded with 15X Deviously Dark Bronzers that provide instant outcomes.

Advanced conditioning ingredients, for example, Aloe Vera give a dependable dim shading by providing your skin with extraordinary dampness. To wrap things up, this all-natural indoor tanning lotion is incredible for those hoping to construct a base tan and scents astonishing with its wanton Tempestuous Berry aroma.

7. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses, 13.5 oz


Highlighted Features

  • Does not contain harsh chemicals like DHA
  • anti-fade tattoo tanning lotion
  • Works without staining
  • Full of moisturizing properties

Ed Hardy’s tanning lotion is also the best indoor tanning lotion. It is an anti-fading tattoo tanning lotion that prevents your skin from ultraviolet rays. It contains rich fixings melanin and tyrosine which help in achieving the best tanning. These two ingredients are truly compelling and they cooperate to achieve the best results after the session of ultraviolet emission in the tanning bed. This best tanning lotion for white skin holds a novel property that makes it remarkably different from other lotions. The property is its sweet scent from coconut oil and cocoa margarine. These constituents give sufficient sustenance to the skin and mellow its surface. By alleviating the skin, it improves the delayed duration of your skin tan.

Other than great ingredients, this lotion also contains a mix called Body Fit. This amalgamate assists in diminishing the presence of cellulite.

Individuals with fair skin frequently lean toward this best tan lotion for fair skin since it contains tanning intensifiers. These intensifiers permit your skin to foster the dark tan you need. This makes it extraordinary compared to other tanning lotions for fair skin.

Check this best indoor tanning lotion with bronzer and witness the wonderful outcomes in a short time.

Buying Guide for the Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Fair Skin

Finding the best body bronzer for fair skin there are some factors you should look for while purchasing. Here I list some things read on to learn;

Sunscreen Factor 

The best tanning lotion is typically the one that leaves a shining tan on your skin without presenting your skin to the harmful rays. Try not to go for tanning lotions that don’t offer the sunscreen factor. Sunscreen is a fundamental component of tanning lotion, so think about it!

Know your Skin Type Before Purchasing

Different tanning lotions function admirably for various skin types. Go for the one that supplements your skin tone. It would mix well and leave a uniform layer on your skin. Ensure there is no skin easing up fixings in your tanning lotion.


Different tanning lotions have a diverse scent. You need to get your hands on the one that has a sweet fragrance. The normal aromas of the tanning lotions accessible in the market are chocolate, espresso, and coconut. 

If you are not an aficionado of seasoned tanning lotion, check out non-fragranced choices.


Pick a tanning lotion that goes along the bronzer. The benefit of bronzer is that it speeds up the melanin creation in your skin, improving the way toward tanning and leaving a pleasant, obscured tan. Think about the degree of bronzer in tanning lotions.

Accelerator vs Maximizers

Some tanning lotions offer both. Some indoor tanning lotions are additionally arranged either similarly as an accelerator or a maximizer. 

On the off chance that it’s your first time tanning, it very well may be best to go for an accelerator. 

accelerators are formulated to accelerate the tanning cycle. It does as such by boosting the common melanin creation of your skin. Thus, your tan would progress normally from your skin tone, simultaneously feeding your skin during your meeting. 

Maximizers, then again, turn out best for individuals who as of now have a base tan. If you need to go more obscure than your present tan, numerous indoor tanning lotions are formulated as maximizers to deliver a more profound skin tone as wanted. They are not generally as saturating as accelerator lotions. 


It is best to know your skin type before choosing any product regarding the skin. It plays an important role in your overall look. So it is best to check out first!

As tan provides you a healthy and refreshing look, it also provides you with a more confident feel than ever. So you need to choose the best bronzer tanning lotion for fair skin that works from the first use.

I hope the above-mentioned reviews about the best indoor tanning lotions for fair skin with a guide for the best indoor tanning lotion for beginners will help you to choose the authentic product. I hope you discover some of the best options for yourself. Happy shopping!

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