What the Best Things a Barber Case Carries?

barber case carries

Being a barber or a hairstylist is not an easy job we can understand completely. To make your life easy we suggest you have a barber kit along with you, you may not know it can be helpful any time. Even if you’re a beginner you will get to know what the best things a barber case carries are.

Being a hairstylist or a barber you always need a proper case to carry your barber kit. Definitely, you don’t want your accessories to be lost or damaged. Finding the best barber case can be a difficult task, but we are always here to help you out. 

This can also be a sort of buying guide for you. You just need to follow a few tips and tricks before looking for a barber case, so you don’t have to invest your precious time.   

Things a barber case carries

A barber case needs to carry all things you use during your work.  These are the tools you will need in your profession ahead. 

  • Cleansing Agent

This is the most important thing a barber can need. You have to sanitize your hands and tools before receiving a customer and after because nobody wants to get a haircut with dirty tools.

 For this purpose, you may need a Barbicide liquid jar. This is an EPA hospital registered used in salons to disinfect the tools by killing all the germs and viruses. Keep neck strips and napkins in your bag to avoid the hair interaction with the client’s skin. 

  • Hair Tie

The second important thing is a hair tie to buckle the hairs that are coming in your way otherwise this can be very annoying. The edition of this essential accessory will make your work a lot easier. They are very cheap and can be found everywhere. There is no hard and fast rule to buy them they just need to be handy to you.

  • Trimmer Machine 

Trimmers are the most common tool used to trim hairs and it is essential to have one. Trimmers are consisting of two blades when hair goes through them that are eventually cut.

Different type of hairs needs different blades. So, there are few kinds of trimmers used for different parts. They include hair trimmers, beard trimmers, ear and nose trimmers, and bikini trimmers. It’s great to have them in your kit. 

  • Shaver

Shaver’s are nothing like trimmers because they remove 100% of hair. It’s great to have a sanitized shaver. 

  • Seizures

The other obvious thing is Seizures. Hanging seizures on the apron is a sign that you are a hairdresser or barber. There are also few kinds of seizures used for different purposes. It’s good to have them.     

  • Comb and Brush

Talking about trimmers and seizures comb and brush are obvious essentials. It’s a part of your job to clean the client after a haircut by dusting the fallen hair away. 

  • Razor

Razor is an ancestor above them all. It is the old mechanical device used for shaving. It shaves hair nearer to the skin making it smooth.

  • Blow Dryer

The other important barbaric tool is the blow dryer. Buy a good dryer for your clients it will be worth it.

  • Spray Bottle 

Always have a spray bottle full of water in your kit it’s the most used thing by barbers. 

  • Cosmetic Accessories

Ornament your kit with few essential beauty products like power, gel, hairspray, shaving gel, aftershave, and other styling products. 


  • Quality of  Barber Case

Check the quality of the product first keeping in mind that there is no imperfection in the case because obviously nobody wants that. Barber cause comes within various materials like some made up with the fabric and some have the hard plastic body. If you are good with the quality just go ahead a grab one for you happily.  

  • Storage in a Barber Case

 There are so many types of barber causes are available in the market. Few of them are having so many spaces in them to fit all your tools easily. There are sections in the bag to keep the things organized and safe, it also helps to find the things effortlessly. Take any according to your use and need. 

Best Brands to Buy Barber kits From?

There are so many brands out there that are making good quality barber case. They are offering different conventional cases. With can be handy while you are traveling or going to see a client keeping your tools safe.   


   Having a barber case or bag is essential. It’s very conventional, handy and useful. We hope this article will help you in buying a perfect bag or cause. Investing money once on a good case will go long way. There are different cases in the market you can easily get one according to your requirement.

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